It’s that time of the year again when travel packages and promos are popular wherever you look. Most of these travel plans are to and from single destinations. If you’re up for more adventure to possibly new places, then you might opt for cruise trips. This is a great holiday plan for families looking to spend quality time, and individuals (maybe millennials) invested in OOTD cruise shots!

There are cruising companies like Star Cruises that offer Asian destinations from Manila or Cebu. Other international cruise lines have foreign country departures, so you would need to fly to the docking point first before the cruise starts. This is mostly for mainly Western or European destinations. You can check out Travel Plus International Inc. if you have the budget for more destination options. They even have a celebrity cruise you can board!

Travel insurance is not something to go cruising without. For a cruise that sails in 2020, lasts at most 14 days to multiple docking sites, and asks for a full package payment upon reservation, some risks need to be covered. What better way to protect your travel investment than insurance? Here’s GoBear’s guide to cruise travel insurance!

What is a cruise travel insurance?

We have talked about travel insurance in the past. They usually cover inconveniences related to the trip to your destination, and possibly medical expenses during your stay. Some offer benefits like concierge service and 24/7 free travel assistance. On a cruise trip, a strict schedule is followed, and you’re not entirely in charge when to leave the dock or how far you can go within the day.

This poses a lot more concerns during the cruise trip. Your entire trip will be spent traveling waters, away from hospitals, airports, land! Fourteen days, most of it spent on the sea. Even if a cruise trip if carefully and meticulously planned and scheduled, it’s hard to predict the waters months from the trip itself. Because cruise trips are specific to destination, it’s scarce to encounter the same journey from the same cruise line in a short period. This means cancellations are equally harder to make. In cases of emergency, your investment is often non-refundable, and usually, you’ll end up spending more pocket money to deal with inconveniences.

Travel insurance is essential for all sorts of adventure. Cruising is not an exception.

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Why get cruise travel insurance?

  • You need to cancel your reservation for the cruise, but the cruise companies don’t refund cancellations made a few weeks before the trip. The more expensive your travel investment is, the harder it is to cancel and get a full refund.
  • What if you miss your cruise’s departure? It’s not like you can board the next ship that comes. You’ll have to pay for and catch a flight to the ship’s following docking site. The same thing can happen if you go DIY on the land tour. Some people prefer to tour on their own, as it’s usually cheaper, and you get the freedom to decide where you go. But there’s a chance that you get lost, or enjoy too much somewhere, and miss the ship’s departure.
  • If a medical emergency happens in the middle of the sea, your regular health insurance might not cover that. In extreme cases, you might need to be picked up by air and transported to the nearest hospital. Imagine the cost of air transport directly out of your pocket. No.
  • Say you need to excuse yourself from the rest of the cruise because of a family emergency, and there are still two days that you won’t get back from your total travel investment. You’ll also need emergency assistance when you decide to fly from a foreign place unprepared.
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A cruise trip is conveniently such that you have to show up and be present in it. However, if anything untimely and unplanned happens, it’s often more costly and entails more hassle compared to a personal vacation. Good thing, there is cruise travel insurance that exists to solve these problems (primarily related to finance and travel convenience) and allow you to enjoy the entirety of your vacation!

What to look for in cruise travel insurance providers?

Given the problems you might encounter on a cruise trip, the following are what you want to see when looking for an insurance provider for your next cruise ship! Of course, the cheaper the premium, the better. You would also want insurance with a long list of reasons for filing a benefits claim, for any case you need it.

  • Reservation cancellation refund for insured reasons, or an option for “cancellation for any reason.”
  • Hotel accommodation and meal benefits for delay when you miss your trip departure.
  • Assistance (even refund) for connecting flights to your ship’s next nearest destination.
  • Emergency transportation off the ship to the nearest hospital or airport, whatever emergency is cited
  • Emergency medical benefit
  • Trip cancellation or interruption benefits for a variety of reasons

Where can I find a cruise travel insurance provider?

In most cases, the cruise line that offers the travel package would also provide corresponding travel insurance. And, most of the time, it’s the most appropriate for the destination and the duration of the cruise. You may end up purchasing this. However, these can also be limited to the advantage of the cruise line themselves, and may not include refundable tickets, etc.

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If you have an existing travel insurance coverage or a go-to insurance provider, you might want to ask them if they have cruise coverage in their insurance promos. If they do, it might be convenient to avail that. However, if you’re not comfortable with their premiums and the benefits seem lacking to you, then another insurance provider for this purpose. Most third party providers you might find are based abroad because cruise trips are not yet as popular and demanded in the Philippines, as of today.

Bottom line:

We’ve already established the reasons why travel insurance, in general, is essential. Whether it’s local, international, via plane, and in this case, via cruise ship, any traveler needs to rest assured that any emergency is taken care of. This is especially true for financial and medical emergencies. Cruise trips may sound more romantic and exciting, but it’s equally expensive. Secure your travel investment with good cruise travel insurance. And if you’re still looking for travel-friendly credit cards for your international purchases, you can always compare credit cards through GoBear!

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