Food parks have been a trend for the past few months. What made these spread like wildfire is that they offer a whole new variety of eats in an Instagram-worthy place compared to your ordinary family diner. They are also perfect for your next barkada food trip! Check out GoBear’s list of food parks to spice up your Instagram feed and satisfy your cravings. 

The Vibe 



Try out gastronomic fantasies from around the world with Quezon City’s newest food park located at Mindanao Avenue—The Vibe! Upon entering the food park, you will witness a display of a red, old but well-furnished, Volkswagen that serves as the park’s centerpiece.

Baypoint’s Giant Butterfly Squid, which is sold for only P175, is a must-try for those who would like to visit the food park for the first time. Its tenderness and ample amount of brininess will make you crave for more.

Malingap Marketplace 


Raindrop cakes took the internet by storm last 2016, but if you still haven’t tried them yet, you can always visit the Malingap Marketplace in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. This cake is made with agar-agar, a jelly-like substance obtained from algae, which makes it unique from the other gelatins we would usually consume. Dewdew Cake PH sells this for P120 and is best eaten when drizzled with black honey syrup, mango cream, or matcha syrup. You may also find it at Bhest Lasagna’s stall.

Crave Park 


You can never go wrong with food and art. Crave Park is definitely the melting pot of food junkies and art aficionados. Works by local street artists such as Eggfiasco and Kookoo Ramos are showcased throughout the park’s interior. Although murals have been the highlight of the food park, food is what will make the crowd come back for more. 

Buendia Food by the Court 


We can’t deny that basketball has taken part in the lives of the Filipino people; the sport is what made us bond together as a community. This is what Makati’s first ever food park has depicted when it finally opened its doors to the public, featuring its state-of-the-art, fully covered basketball court.

Have fun with your family and friends as you dig into the food park’s contemporary take on our local delicacies that will surely fire up your taste buds. 

The Truck Park 


The Truck Park is currently the largest food park in Marikina and the first one ever to have a cashless payment system! They will give you a PVC card for you to load it up with cash as much as you can and use for your food purchases. It's pretty much a practice for spending using your credit card on food parks.

The food park also offers any food you can ever image—from gourmet sausages to your ultimate comfort food covered in cheese. 

Mercato Centrale


Credits: Our Awesome Planet

Mercato Centrale has been the premiere food park in the Bonifacio Global City for several years already. Diners can get to try gastronomic delights from various countries all in one nicely kept lot. Try out new and exciting dishes and even revisit old favorites with new twists. Must try the different grilled meats and seafood or sample delectable Mexican foods and more. The food park is also homely enough as a place to unwind and have a good time with your friends after a long tiring day in the office. 

Before you go and try out these great food parks, your friends here from Gobear would like to also remind you to always bring your credit card because you'll never know when you will be needing to spend more. And if you don't have a credit card, it would be a cool idea to pick one out with the help of

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