9 Best Places To Visit in Europe this 2019


Despite the hefty cost of travel and difficulty of Schengen visa application, Filipinos are still dying to have a taste of British culture experience. Our bucket list always includes a glimpse of the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben or even the timeless Edinburgh Castle. We want to enhance that dream for a European tour, so aside from helping you choose travel insurance, we've also listed down the ten best places to highlight your itinerary this 2019.

1. Santorini, Greece



Santorini is the world’s prime choice for romantic getaways. Its beautiful and clear waters are every couple’s refuge for relaxation, fun, and adventure. A trip to Santorini gives you the chance to savor the famous sunset that brightens the island’s caldera and traditional produce like white eggplants, caper and cherry tomatoes. Try some exceptional wines like Mantilaria, Mavrotragano, and Aidani.

2. Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon's egg tart recipe dates back to the 16th century when confections were made by nuns in convents


Stunning, vibrant and charismatic, Lisbon in Portugal blends modernization and traditional heritage enveloped in world-class tourist attractions. A trip to Lisbon is perfect for all ages as adventures encompass nightlife extravaganza, cultural tour, family escapades and beach holidays. You may need three days to discover the wonders of Lisbon. Visitors usually crowd the capital from June to August, but you can always visit it from May to June so the accommodations are not jampacked and the weather is not too hot.

3. Granada, Spain

Granada’s grandiose reputation can be traced back to magnificent architectural structures like the Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel. The Granada Cathedral is a 16th-century building adorned with sculptures, paintings, and stained glass windows. You can also take a peep at the oldest monument constructed in the 1200s. The Corral del Carbon served as a shelter for merchants and as a warehouse. Finally, visit Alhambra that is one enchanting place composed of a summer retreat, an enclosed townhall, a palace, and a castle.


The Madrasah of Grenada is decorated with inscriptions of philosophy and poetry.

4. Prague, Czech Republic


Trdelnik is wrapped around a stick rotating continuously over low fire until cooked to perfection.


For many tourists, Prague is a magical city that is home to church domes, gold-tipped towers, cathedrals, bridges and serene bodies of water. Aside from this, the streets of Prague is packed with cultural art, music, special events, and fine dining. Prague’s Old Town Square is an emblem of the city’s history and is now featuring musicians, merchants, and street performers.

5. Berlin, Germany

The word Berlin means a whole bunch of incredible experiences that every traveler would like to have. Berlin is a vibrant city with gorgeous architecture, history, and culture. Check out the Brandenburg Gate that stands the test of time since 250 years back. The Berlin Cathedral is an even grander work of art that houses the grand history of Germany. 



The Berlin Cathedral is the most important Protestant Church of the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty.


Germany is a mix of modernization coupled with risks and mishaps. You can secure your Germany rip with Travel Shield Comprehensive from Prudential Guarantee. From Php1,185 inclusive of taxes, you can get up to Php2,500,000 coverage on personal accident and up to Php200,000 each for trip cancellation and termination.

6. Interlaken, Switzerland


Jet boats and banana rides are parts of every Interlaken lake adventures.


Nature and sports are harmoniously fused in Interlaken in Switzerland. If you are looking for an extreme European adventure, include this place in your itinerary. You can do kayaking, jumping out of a plane, climbing down a canyon and even trekking amazing mountain trails. One of the best activities you can try is the paragliding adventure at Beatenberg, a twenty-minute drive from Interlaken.


pga cta

7. Venice, Italy

Venice is an enchanting city that features historic sceneries, romantic attractions and a lot of exciting things to do. Venice is a sinking city, and yet you can wander down the cobblestone streets with the classic gondola ride. If you're lucky to visit the place in February, you can be part of the traditional Carnevale festival and dress up like the rest of the three million people participating in the masquerades and dances till dawn.


A gondola ride for six people can cost aroundPhp4,700.

8. Zagreb, Croatia

Exploring Croatia may sound a bit unusual for the Filipino tourist, but there are a lot of things to do in this capital city of Zagreb. The most romantic part of the town is its upper town which boasts of secret passages, small museums, art galleries, historical landmarks, and fun bars. Tours abound including the night tour called Secrets of Gric which features historical characters in costumes.


cta travel

9. Budapest, Hungary

Eclectic and enchanting, Budapest is Hungary’s capital that is adorned with a long line of restaurants that pays homage to the city’s culture and history. You can enjoy exploring the scenic views through the Fisherman’s Bastion located at the Buda in the Danube. You can also indulge in the sumptuous langosh – a Hungarian snack that is slathered with garlic, Bolognese sauce, and cream cheese.


A full day Gellert Bath costs around Php1,300


There are other places in Europe which you can visit and explore anytime. Tour packages are available online which you can secure with travel insurance policies. Indeed, PGA Travel Shield can secure your trip and provide maximum peace of mind to enjoy the getaway.

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