The biggest sale that coincides with Philippine Airline’s 78th anniversary was anticipated by millions of jet setters who are eager to grab a flight at no less than Php78. On the other hand, Cebu Pacific has earlier announced its Super Seat Fest giving passengers value-for-money deals and up to 40% discount on baggage allowance. The two promos kept millions of eager passengers awake last night to grab the best deals the two airlines have to offer. But their websites were reportedly down leaving disappointed and witty travelers to dub the incident as “PAL-PAC” sale.

While most of us are disheartened about the PAL-PAC incident, here are a few things you should know before booking Piso fares in the future.

The seats are limited

There might be thousands of seats available, but the total number of promoted seats are divided into destinations. The airlines may have advertised around 1000 seats on promotion but 50% will be assigned for domestic travels and the other half for international flights. That leaves 500 seats divided for different destinations like Cebu, Davao, Palawan, Caticlan, Batanes, and other destinations.

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The prices do not cover the entire flight

Piso fares usually only refer to one-way routes, and the flight back are sold at regular prices. In some instances, it would even cost more than its regular price to compensate for what has been discounted. Before booking, check for flights back and see whether you have actually saved or you were bound to pay more.

The seat sale does not include travel insurance

Travel insurance is a necessity in every flight and airline promotions do not include the payment for it. When booking, check what is included in the sale because the seat may seem too good to be true, but add-ons like travel insurance may be overpriced. It would help to check and compare travel insurance packages before staying wide awake at wee hours to snatch the deal.

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Flights get sold out in a snap of a finger

Oh yes, the lucky ones are too quick they have everything ready before the sale. Personal details of travelers are written at an accessible document ready to be copy-pasted during the booking. The lucky ones also see to it that they do not only have one credit card available on hand but other payment alternatives like Paypal and debit cards.

You are not the only frugal passenger waiting

Travel is in almost every Filipino’s bucket list which means you are not the only person eager to access the airline’s websites at that moment. Thousands of travelers are like you – awake, tech-savvy, and ready to seize the affordable flight. Some group of friends is bound to travel to the same destination and not just one person from the barkada is online to join the booking buzz.

Because thousands are trying to access, the websites crash and remain under maintenance until we all don't know when. 


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There are a lot of travel lessons we can learn from what was hailed the PAL-PAC experience. Luck, patience and time are a huge factor in clutching the cheapest flight. You might still want to think if the entire flight's cost is worth the wait, stress, time, and effort you extend. Whether it’s a sale or regular priced flight, travel insurance is an indispensable add-on that could secure your flight. Start comparing with GoBear today while waiting for the next salvo of Piso fares.

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