Filipinos are, no doubt, becoming one of the world’s well-traveled nationalities. In fact, the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) has revealed that there is a significant growth in flights to Korea from the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Turkey also saw an increase in its tourism with Filipinos and Taiwanese travelers adding to the figures. The Filipinos’ desire to travel is notable, and whether you are going for work or leisure, you probably want to make the most out of your time away. These tips will help you save both time and energy for a hassle-free trip.

1. Research about your destination

Gather the most useful travel info you can get about the place you want to visit. There are helpful recommendations about entry and exit requirements, health concerns, and local laws you should know about. For instance, in Boracay, there is no limit for tourists’ arrivals per day. At present, Boracay only allows 6,405 visitors each day to preserve the serene tropical atmosphere. For international travelers, it is also helpful to know that vaping or the use of e-cigarettes is considered illegal in Singapore with fines up to $2,000.


2. Organize your documents

Identification cards, passports, tickets, travel itinerary, and other important papers should be organized beforehand. Set a separate envelope or bags for them make it easier for you to pull out as the need arises. You also don’t want to spoil your trip with an invalid passport so check your passport’s expiry date before booking a flight.

3. Learn the language

Getting lost is sometimes amusing but oftentimes tiring. Before you pack for the trip, make sure you are also equipped with enough words from the language of the locals. It's for your safety. This will serve as your meal and trip ticket without being identified by everyone as a tourist. Buy a dictionary or download an application to make learning more fun. You're lucky if you have friends who have been from that place to help you with this.

4. Prepare sufficient travel budget

There is nothing more worrisome than not having enough cash to pay for your food, accommodation, and transport when in a foreign land. Because travel expenses vary for one place to another, it is important to have sufficient money for the entire trip. You can apply for a personal loan to finance that travel or you can check how to use your credit cards especially when traveling abroad. Notify your credit card provider and get familiar with charges for every transaction.  

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5. Wear colored clothes

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg only wore black turtlenecks and gray shirts respectively to save time. This works for travelers as well. Instead of staring at the mess you made from unpacking, taking a plain colored shirt is one less decision you have to make in the morning. You can just accessorize them to make your #OOTD look different from the other without drawing away the attention from your fantastic background.

6. Download a restroom finder app

Call it a comfort room, powder room, or a water closet. Finding the nearest facility where you could take a quick pee or dump is a lifesaver when you could no longer hold it in. These applications work even offline showing you a map with icons that pin a public restroom near you. Others inform users whether the place requires you to pay a fee or if it's PWD-friendly.

7. Bring a poo spray

Before you “go number two,” the number one thing you should not forget is to bring something to mask that odor. Save your perfume for nights out. Poo sprays contain ingredients that trap the unwanted smell in your toilet, so it does not travel all over the public restroom. It's hard to find this product in drugstores, but online shops offer it in various scents and travel-friendly sizes. The price ranges from Php120 to P250.

8. Keep a universal adapter

While countries try to unite in many ideas, an electrical outlet is not one of them. When you're a frequent traveler, you'll find it frustrating that a socket in your country may differ from that of your destination. A universal adapter is attached to the plug of your gadget's charger or appliance so that it would fit into the holes of the outlet.  Sold at Php499 to Php1358, this will save your time and your gadget as well.

9. Invest in noise-canceling headphones

Whether you're bored because of a delayed flight or an unwanted companion, noise-canceling earphones will be your best friend. Designed to block out ambient sounds such as airport buzz and annoying chit-chat, this sound investment costs Php7,999 to Php19,999. You can focus on your music and set the mood for a great adventure ahead.


10. Understand your destination’s local currency

There are different rules in handling local currencies in your country of destination. Knowing the currency exchange rates is not enough. There are restrictions for local monies like Barbadian dollar, Egyptian pound, Armenian dram, and Fijian dollar. It is also important to travel with small notes or values to pay for purchases from merchants that do not accept cashless payments.

11. Book your accommodation

When you are the owner of the house, you don’t want your friends to just show up whenever they want. This applies to travelers as well. You want the place to be ready for you. Booking a hotel or Airbnb ahead of your arrival assures you of a place to stay. If you don’t hours will be wasted in finding a vacant room instead of spending it with your friends' sightseeing. Online sights and applications give you the privilege of comparing hotel prices and amenities minus the legwork. These offers usually come at a discounted rate when you book early.

12. Earn travel points

Airlines don’t let their passengers leave unrewarded. You just have to go an extra mile researching which establishments they partner with. Upon registration, you earn points by dining in a restaurant or staying in a hotel listed on their website. Earned points are converted into miles which will take you closer to your next travel destination. These could also be redeemed for foods and goodies in stores nationwide. Others even let you use these points to bump you up to premium or first class seats! s nationwide. Others even let you use these points to bump you up to premium or first class seats!

13. Buy travel insurance and learn how to make claims

While booking that flight, think of including a travel insurance plan that will protect your trip. Travel insurance packages come handy for all types of tours and will surely cover for repayments on lost baggage, missed flights, trip cancellations, and other mishaps.

Traveling gives you a chance to enjoy while keeping you away from the pressures of work. It is good to know that you’ve found a unique way of spending Christmas by exploring new opportunities within or outside the country. Being a smart traveler gives you the venture to enjoy the best benefits you can get from every journey ahead.

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