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10 Ways to Lessen Post-Travel Blues

What’s one thing we dread when a fantastic adventure is coming to an end? That empty feeling, we feel knowing that we’re going to go back to reality – here’s how you can minimize a post-trip slump.

Post-travel blues get to all of us at some point. So, how do we lessen the pesky post-travel blues? Here we look at what is post-travel blues and how you can keep your feelings in check.

What is Post-Travel Blues?

Essentially, it is the sadness that travelers experience at the end of a trip. It’s like a hangover from all the fun you had because you’re now back to your daily grind. This can range from being disappointed that you’re not relaxing in the beautiful beaches of Palawan anymore to becoming seriously depressed and miserable that your life pales in comparison to the freedom you get from during your vacation. The post-trip slump can begin in the days before the traveler head home or at the end of the trip and lasts up to a month.

Why do we experience it?

Most people experience the blues because we start relating the amazing trip we experienced to the mundane life we’ve returned to. The freedom we revel while we travel and the liberty of having no fixed plan is part of what makes the experience amazing. Being back home and going back to daily life may seem like a humdrum at first.

For people who experience the travel blues, there are ways to maximize positivity and lessen the feeling of sinking in.


1. Get Moving

After returning from a trip, most people laze the day away in bed. You can blame in on the all the walking and activities we did during the trip. There are muscle aches and pains everywhere and that's something that may or may not be covered by your Allianz Airlite travel insurance Instead of lazing in bed all day, get up! Kill the bad habit of being active as you were during your trip. Get moving, go jogging with some friends, or hit the gym. It might need a little push, but know that it can be an effective way to post-trip negativities and lethargy.


2. Start a new hobby

Keeping yourself busy is another way to stop all the blues at bay. Find an activity that interests you, be it visiting museums, hunting down food parks around Manila, or going to pet cafes.


3. Finish backlogs

Admit it, we all procrastinate. It gives momentary happiness when we push away responsibilities. However, leaving things undone until the last minute will only bring unnecessary stress. So, you better start clearing your worklog before you procrastinate further.


4. Keep discovering new things

discover something new traveling

There are always new things to explore in the Philippines. You just have to look attentively. When you start looking around, you’ll find newly opened cafes and restaurant you haven’t explored yet or even discover a boutique that sells interesting items.


5. Revamp your place


Stayed in an Airbnb which had great interiors? But back at your home, you can’t spend a minute indoor? It’s time for you to declutter and throw out the old things that you will never touch ever. Making your place homier and something you can always look forward to at the end of the day is a refreshing feeling.


6. Learn to accept

Acceptance is the key. It might feel sucky to compare yourself to friends who have bought their car or started their own business, and then here you are, rolling around in your rugged sneakers chasing FX, buses and trains to what end? You may not have your car or house investments yet, but you’ve travelled many countries! Not everyone has the liberty to go around the world. Be confident on the path you’ve chosen and how it has transformed you.


7. Tell your stories to like-minded people

When you come back from a trip, you’re a changed person. The experiences you’ve gained and the new learnings that you fostered will remain with you. Having someone to talk to – the like-minded people can help your travels more bearable. It would also be a great time to talk about your experiences and even some tips like getting the right travel insurance.


8. Plan your finances and future

It’s time to think about your plans. Ask yourself if going to keep traveling or do you want to settle down soon. Either way, your trip would give a setback regarding finance, so plan before having another trip or if you’re going to start investing in starting a new business.

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9. Start with an end in mind

Before you start planning your next trip, ask yourself what you want to get out of it. Having a goal in mind can keep your plans on track and reduces the sense of loss that many people encounter post-vacation.


10. Plan your next trip

plan your next trip

Having something to look forward to in the future increase the level of your endorphins. Start by listing down the places you want to visit. Next, plan on how you’re going to make this into a reality. This keeps you occupied and inspired to keep doing your best, a great way to beat post-travel blues!

The next time you get back from travel, you don’t have to worry about experiencing post-trip slumps. If you found these tips helpful, you can find more travel and finance tips at GoBear.