Travel Hacks for Long Flights

Travel Hacks for Long Flights You Should Know About

Being stuck in a 17-hour flight—let’s say from Manila to New York—is tiring. While discovering new places makes life more exciting, spending so much time sitting in an airplane can drain your energy.

Luckily, there are ways to make that looong flight bearable. Shall we count them?

Choose your seat wisely

When booking flights, whether promo seats or not, you can always choose where to sit—with an additional cost, of course. Consider which spot is comfortable for you. If you choose the window seat, you’ll be able to rest your head on the wall; if you settle for the middle seat, you’ll get the armrests on both sides; and if you go for the aisle seat, you’ll be able to get to the bathroom without having the need to crawl over someone. 

The earlier you book your flight, the better your chances of scoring the best seat in the plane. 

Bring books and movies

This one’s a simple trick that most travelers are already used to. Arm your smartphone or your tablet with Hollywood and Pinoy blockbusters to kill time while you’re thousands of feet above. Choose among our list of Netflix shows that will inspire you to unleash your inner wanderlust and take you to places you’ve never imagined.

If movies aren’t your thing, there’s always another option that we also consider when we fly: books. Throw in two to three page-turners in your carry-on bag and leaf through their pages as the plane makes its way to your destination. 

Dress comfortably

Skip the “dress to impress” mantra and stick to clothing items that will give you comfort in that big flight of yours. Avoid wearing tight outfits that are difficult to move around in. After all, you’re going to sit (and sleep, if you can) for a very long time, and the last thing you want is to wiggle like a worm, trying to fix your clothes. 

Get cozy with a pair cotton pants or leggings and a lightweight jacket for when you’re feeling cold inside the plane. You can also bring your trusty travel pillow, so it’s easier for you to fall asleep without sacrificing comfort.

Take care of your health

Your tumbler may just be your BFF while traveling on air. Drinking liquids that have more electrolytes like Gatorade can help you prevent dehydration. There are also seat exercises you can do to stretch out those muscles and avoid deep-vein thrombosis a.k.a. formation of blood clots in deep veins.

Make sure to brush your teeth and throw on some deodorant, so you still feel fresh despite your long flight. 

Use your air miles

Take advantage of your available air miles to upgrade your seat from economy to business class. There are credit cards that offer airport lounge access—local and international airports—so you can wait for your next flight hassle-free. 

But before heading out to explore and discover a foreign city, ensure that you’re covered with an insurance plan just in case the unexpected happens. Compare the best travel insurance plans with GoBear today!