Top New Year must-haves

Top 5 New Year Must-haves for a Better You

We all have our own list of must-haves at any given time—a must-have smartphone, a must-have laptop, a must-have piece of wardrobe, a must-have home appliance—the list goes on. This year, try and look forward while coming up with your list of must-haves. Knowing that they’ll help make 2018 a good one might be a good motivation to stick with them. Don’t worry; we’ve also included a few things we know you’ll love. Let’s call them “rewards" for getting through 2017, but more importantly, consider them reminders of the must-haves you’ve committed to obtaining. 
Everybody’s talking about the “new me for the New Year”; here we’ll focus on what you’ll need to make the same old you a “better you.” Let’s start, shall we?

A clear vision


It doesn’t matter if you take the long road or a shortcut; what’s vital is that you know where you’re going. This will help you get back on track if you find yourself distracted. Understand how your vision connects to your core values will help you focus on getting to your destination. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the journey; take a look at the 4K UHD TV’s from Samsung and LG so you’ll be reminded of this and start your year with a clear vision—and television.


A sturdy constitution

Gym membership
The world is tough, and it can either wear you out or harden your heart to the point of “unfeeling.” It’s hard to strike a balance between keeping your defenses up and being open-minded so two of the best things to have as you welcome 2018 are a sound mind and body. A strong set of core values and a solid work ethic will make an excellent armor against the blows life will deal you. It also won’t hurt to keep yourself physically resilient. Maybe it’s time you got a new gym membership or used that old one you’ve been planning to use since last year.

A keen perception

Smart wearable with heartrate monitor
Read between the lines and always look beyond the obvious to get a better perspective on things. Hindsight is always 20/20 so it’s your foresight that you have to improve upon so you don’t have to rely too much on the former. Wearing a fitness band or other smart wearable is a good reminder of this because it’s always with you. It’ll also give you a big picture of how you spend your time and energy and help you make more efficient use of both once you learn to read between the stats and determine how they affect you in general.

An insatiable thirst for knowledge

National Geographic magazine subscription
Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open and absorb what you can about the world and the people around you. Take every opportunity to learn and share that knowledge so you can pay it forward. If you have a passion for writing, try starting a blog or take on something simpler like answering questions in a forum or offering free advice to those who’ll take it. There’s also the Internet, which means free information and a vast resource that encompasses the world. There’s no better educator than experience, of course, but a yearly subscription to magazines like National Geographic or Time Magazine will help you get bits and pieces of knowledge in a pinch.

A vast network

Nokia 8 smartphone
No man is an island, and someone with a vast network of personal and professional contacts possesses a great weapon that he or she can yield in both personal and professional pursuits. Every individual crosses your path for a reason; determine that reason and use it for the benefit of others and yourself. 
Build and cultivate relationships with them because a long list of contacts is just that: a long list of contacts, unless you make a conscious effort to nurture them. A smartphone is a great tool for keeping in touch with your contacts. If yours is getting a bit long int he tooth, maybe it’s time you got yourself a new iPhone 8 or Nokia 8, if Android is more you preference. Choose your poison and remember that your smartphone is merely a tool; it’s what you do with it that really matters.
As you welcome the new year, learn to let go of your missteps in the past year and instead focus on the lessons learned. Look back but never stop moving forward, and never let the mistakes of the past hinder the opportunities in your future. 

Have a wonderful start of the year from your friends at GoBear. Here’s to more wise decisions and meaningful comparisons in 2018!