Thousands of families lost everything with the devastation brought about by the recent typhoons. Typhoon #UlyssesPH left losses to the agriculture sector alone amounting to Php4 billion and damage to infrastructure already reached Php8 billion according to the Department of Public Works and Highways. On a smaller scale, an ordinary family in Cagayan, Montalban, Marikina, Pampanga, and Bicol may not have lost that much, but everything they worked hard for their entire life, and maybe even what they depend on for their future. 

While being safe and alive is plenty to be thankful for, there are tough challenges ahead for those who have to rebuild their lives from scratch. The road to recovery is hard, yet there are a few things you can do to build multiple sources of income and that could help when properly utilized.

Short-term solutions 

The first steps of recovery are the hardest. There might be layers of issues that make it harder to get on with life as it was before. For instance, you might have lost access to all your credit cards, primary savings accounts, or wallet when they were swept away by the flood or landslide. You might also find it hard to secure a replacement for these because some government agencies are on a skeletal workforce or your online access right now is limited. 



Taking a short-term loan can help you get a burst of financial aid while you figure out the logistics of recovering your accounts with the bank. You might not have considered it yet but if you try to set a short-term goal to improve your situation, you’ll realize how immediate funding can provide relief.

Gadget loan

A mobile phone is essential even before all the bad things in 2020 happened. During your recovery, you’ll need a decent communication gadget to reach out to your network and explore opportunities. In this case, you can try out gadget loans from lenders like Home Credit and pera247. 

In-store gadget loan

For Home Credit’s Phone Loan, you will need one primary ID and a secondary ID. A Php6,000 mobile phone would require a Php1,344 down payment and a monthly installment of Ph400 for 12 months. This is a good option if you can visit any Home Credit partners store like Octagon Computer Superstore, Micro Valley Computer Store, Silicon Valley, SM Appliance, and Oppo.  

Online gadget loan

The eShopaLoan is the gadget loan offered by pera247. You don’t need to leave your homes for this option because you can log on to your Lazada account from any device and follow these six steps:

1. Pick your item total price (item + shipping)

2. Download the pera247 app from Google Playstore



3. Select shop loan

4. Complete the application (be sure to input the correct total price and your minimum 20% down payment)

5. Provide a selfie-and one valid government-issued ID

6. Once approved, please submit 2 separate screenshots:

- Lazada wallet w/ minimum 20% down payment

- Lazada cart showing the product and total price

Upon completion of the above, the amount will be credited to your Lazada wallet and you may complete your purchase 

NOTE: Your item will be delivered by Lazada and you will be responsible to pay your loan installments on time to pera247.

Emergency health care  

If you or a loved one were injured and unable to find free health care, then you can take a short-term loan to pay off medical expenses and prevent any infections from worsening. 

surgeons and patient


You can also use the loaned amount to secure your health by buying prepaid health cards to protect you all-year-round. Prepaid health cards are tailored to provide the coverage you need in the future. The vouchers can be purchased online and can be used to avail of emergency care, preventive healthcare, dental services, hospitalization, and consultation. 

Temporary housing

If you’ve already left the evacuation center but don’t deem your home livable until some repairs are completed, then a short-term loan can help you cover temporary housing fees. While it’s best not to rely on loans, they can be helpful when cash is short for the meantime, or while you’re still coordinating with the bank to recover assets. 

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Day-to-day necessities 

Paying for daily necessities can be a tough expense to swallow when you have very little money left to get by. A short-term loan can offer temporary financial relief to help you pay for survival necessities for a couple of weeks. 


Small business

Short-term loan amounts can range from Php1,000 up to Php30,000. Between these amounts, you can set aside something to serve as capital for a small business. Assign an e-loading sim card to any of your family members and start an e-loading business. You can also purchase ingredients and cook instant meals for sale. Borrowing money for business is reasonable especially if you capitalize on your skills in providing something unique to customers. 

Final thoughts  

If you’re in serious need of help and are unable to commit to short-term loan repayments, try getting in touch with relief efforts centralized around your area. Your local barangay might be able to offer some form of aid to help you get by in these trying times. However, if government financial aids may seem short for your needs, then an online loan can be of help. Just make sure you borrow only the amount you need and spend it according to your goal. Find a way to earn so you can pay back on time and prevent yourself from suffering bad credit scores and limited borrowing opportunities. 


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