GoBear Philippines and Pera Agad Partner Up for Fast Cash Loans

GoBear Philippines and Pera Agad Partner Up for Fast Cash Loans

GoBear Philippines announces its newly forged partnership with Pera Agad to open another avenue for Filipinos to secure fast and easy personal loans in the most convenient way possible.

Pera Agad is brought to you by Cash Credit, an international tech-based financial services company which innovatively analyses Telco and other types of big data to assess the creditworthiness of mobile subscribers and offer them instant and convenient financial services. This leads to more precise customer evaluation while remaining a completely automated process.

Pera Agad is a digital micro credit service offered to SMART and TnT prepaid subscribers in the Philippines. Customers may choose an amount up to PHP 10,000 for a period of up to 36 weeks according to their needs. The loans are completely unsecured and extremely flexible. If interested customers simply need to text LOAN to 2423 for more information or apply online via www.peraagad.ph.

“We’re very happy to have Pera Agad as our partner because it opens doors for Filipinos who do not have an established credit history;” says GoBear Philippines Country Manager, Rommel Torres, “while at the same time offering a viable source of additional cash for individuals and small businesses.

GoBear Philippines is one of Asia’s leading comparison websites with several offices across the region. It aims to become the go-to website and company for rates for credit cards, insurance, and loans.