They say the best thing about the holidays is the joy of giving and of course, the bliss of receiving. Finding gifts no matter how hard is everyone’s mission to make sure someone receives something special to end the year. And the act of finding the best gift that suits your budget is not easy. So, for Christmas, GoBear has listed down the top 10 best gifts below Php1000 that can make someone smile without splurging your bonuses.

Here are the top ten most affordable gadgets you can buy a gift, or you can enlist on your wish list:

1. Power bank – Nobody wants to run out of battery this season. A power bank can be a great find from Php80-Php2,500. Falling below Php1000 is already branded ones with up to 20,000mAh capacity which comes in different colors. If you are patient enough, you can even find something within Php900 with free USB cables that suit android and iOS gadgets.


2. Headphones – Whether in-ear or over-the-ear, headphones or earphones can be wireless or wired or even both. Whichever you prefer, you can snag a pair for only Php800 or less. You can check for brands that offer significant noise cancellation capacity to reduce the background noise and dramatically improve listening to music and video files.

3. Portable speaker – A decent sound quality already comes in handy with portable speakers sold from Php450. Choose the best ones that offer reasonable battery life, connectivity, and sound quality.

4. Wireless Bluetooth game controller – ROS, PUBG, AOV, Mobile Legends – name it and this controller can let you play it without hassles. Make sure the item is suitable with iOS, Android and PC, has a user-friendly interface and its battery can last up to 20 hours.

5. Storage cards – depending on the capacity, the average price for memory cards is Php600. Data storage is so important that anyone would like to have room for pictures, music, and other essential files.


Selfie stick


6. Selfie Stick – Be it selfie or twofie or groufie, a Bluetooth selfie stick is what you need to capture great moments easily. A branded selfie stick is sold at Php600 and is already made with stainless material. Ideally made for mobile phones, selfie sticks usually have Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable screw, and remote shutter.

7. Smartwatch – Another portable device that is a must-have for those who want to organize their lives and to keep track of their fitness. Smart watches are perfect for those who want to make life easier because this device can let you answer messages by voice, manage your media and assist in navigation. From Php350, you can choose the right one for your Monito and Monita. 

8. Tripod – For the photography lovers, you can check that three-legged device which securely holds the camera to let the photographer capture same image multiple times at different exposures. A tripod online is sold from Php170. This price already includes the aluminum camera tripod in a compact design.

Fish eye


9. Clip lens – From Php69 up to Php20,000, a clip lens helps in taking blurry photos or in zooming for better clarity. The clip lens is like a magnifying glass placed on the camera of your smartphone to improve the images you can capture. The cheapest clip lens already includes the fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses for everyone to enjoy.

10. VR Box – The VR box is a device mounted on the head providing the wearer with virtual reality vision. These boxes are used in computer games, simulators, and trainers. VRs are comprised if stereo sound, tracking sensors and a head-mounted display. Some expensive ones also include gaming controllers and eye-tracking sensors. The cheapest VR Box is sold online at Php99, and the most priced is at Php38,000.

One of the excitements of Christmas lies in every wrapped package. And the thing is you don’t have to spend more than what you can afford. These tech ideas are perfect for the holidays. If you want to buy more of these for all those on your list, then check for credit card promos to avail of discounts. Indeed, it is not the price that matters. It’s the thought that counts!

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Diana Fernandez

Diana Fernandez

A journalist by trade, previously a writing coach to budding journalists in the Philippines and a business writer in the Middle East, Diana is passionate about providing relevant, engaging, and informative content to help Filipinos choose the right financial product.