The holiday buzz is in the air, and people start scrambling to buy presents while a million others are about to hit the road to prepare for the festivities. No matter what situation you may be in, you definitely deserve a break. Whether an R&R moment with your special someone or a quick solo getaway, it’s always worth your time to take a breather from whatever stresses you out.


Speaking of getaways, some people enjoy going to the beach to unwind. And there are those who explore what other countries have to offer by booking a flight. Unfortunately, trips that require plane tickets (and sometimes, visas) don’t come cheap, which is why some resort to getting a personal loan to fund their vacation.


Usually, planning a vacation should be done in advance. It means that you have to have enough budget, so you can book plane tickets and hotel accommodation which are the most important aspects of an out-of-the-country trip. But what if an emergency comes up and you have to spend your savings?


This is where getting a personal loan comes in.



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When you’re taking out a loan for your vacation, you need to look at three things:


  • How much are you earning, spending, and saving every month? If the amount you save is more than enough to pay for your personal loan monthly, then you can handle a monthly obligation.
  • Do you meet the salary requirements of the loan? If your income can make up for the monthly repayments, then you can consider taking out a loan for your trip.
  • Do you have other debts to pay? Other debts may come in your way when you’re paying for something, if you have monetary responsibilities, you can use this opportunity to use a personal loan to consolidate all your debts.

While personal loans come in handy, they are still a financial responsibility. Always take note of the interest payments and other fees that you should pay before the due date. 


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Diana Fernandez

Diana Fernandez

A journalist by trade, previously a writing coach to budding journalists in the Philippines and a business writer in the Middle East, Diana is passionate about providing relevant, engaging, and informative content to help Filipinos choose the right financial product.