Christmas comes only once in a year, and you can’t help but do everything you can to make it a memorable one for your family and friends. You can deny it, but the truth is that you are among millions of Filipinos wanting to send the best gifts and serve the most delightful dishes to highlight the occasion.

Christmas can be very expensive. In fact, the Facebook 2018 Holiday Study revealed that the average Filipino is willing to spend around P17,000 during Christmas for online shopping. That is not yet including other expenses like groceries, Noche Buena and Media Noche. This brings in the pressure for you to look into how your Christmas bonus, 14th-month pay, salary, and savings can accommodate all these expenses.

Well, let GoBear write off the burden of spending by making you consider how personal loans can help you enjoy the holidays without going broke.

1. Personal loans lend you the money you can afford – When borrowing from responsible lenders, personal loan repayments are made manageable and affordable depending on your expected monthly income.

2. Individual loan amounts are set with a limit – Banks check all your financial information to gauge how much money you can borrow based on your documents. This means you can never take out personal loan money which you cannot afford to pay.

3. Personal loans leave you with extra cash for unexpected costs – Together with your year-end bonuses and salary, the loaned amount can support other unforeseen expenses. You can even save it to start your new year right without having to worry about how you could survive until the first 2019 payday.

4. Personal loans let you grab the best deals and promos – If you have money in hand, it is easier for you to purchase most of the best holiday offers you can imagine.

Spending for the holidays is inevitable and celebrating within your budget is never easy. Having extra cash to make both ends meet will undoubtedly result in a stress-free holiday vacation.

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Diana Fernandez

Diana Fernandez

A journalist by trade, previously a writing coach to budding journalists in the Philippines and a business writer in the Middle East, Diana is passionate about providing relevant, engaging, and informative content to help Filipinos choose the right financial product.