Philippine freedom index

Philippines ranks 3rd in South Asia, 73rd in World Freedom Index

The Philippines recently ranked 73rd among 162 countries in the world in terms of freedom according to the 2018 Human Freedom Index (HFI).

The average human rating for all countries is 6.89 on a scale of 0-10, with 10 representing the most freedom. The Philippines had an average of 6.50 for personal freedom and 7.34 for economic freedom. The total human freedom for Filipinos is 6.92 making the Philippines 3rd freest in Asia and 73rd in the world.

The “Most Free” countries are Singapore and Cambodia on the top of the list for South Asia. The Philippines’ score of 6.92 is 0.13 lower than its rating in 2015-2016. It also scored 10.0 in domestic and foreign movements, the establishment of religious organizations, establishment, and operations of professional organizations, access to the internet, cable and international information, legal gender and same-sex relationship. The lowest scores were under procedural justice, criminal justice and the rule of law.

HFI South Asia


The HFI represents human freedom in the world based on 79 indicators like the rule of law, security and safety, movement, freedom to trade, identity and relationships, and access to sound money.



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The HFI was co-published by Fraser Institute in Canada, Cato Institute in Washington and the Liberales Institut in Germany. The HFI aims to capture the degree by which people enjoy certain rights like freedom of speech, association, and assembly, religion, women’s liberation, violence, crime, and discrimination.

Seven indicators measure freedoms related to women and the strongest among the regions are from Europe including Central Europe and the Baltics, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Southern Europe. The weakest areas concerning women’s freedom are South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa.

The HFI results are a strong indication that freedom has a significant impact on human well-being and can influence views on economic development, politics, and religion.