The debate on whether TRAIN, the Philippines’s reformed tax law, is a boon or a curse is still raging and shows no signs of wearing down anytime soon. Social media has been flooded with both good and bad comments on and reactions to TRAIN, making it one of the hottest topics online right now. 
One could say that’s a good thing because, at the very least, Filipinos are talking about it and sharing their ideas about the topic. The problem lies in whether TRAIN is doing more harm than good as its naysayers readily claim. In this post, we look at a day in the life of a working professional, a full-time mom, and a bright-eyed millennial to address the question, “Will TRAIN help us save money or not?”

The modern yuppie

For our purposes, we will define “yuppie" as a working professional that’s 30-40 years of age, has a steady and well paying job, earns at least P50,000 a month, and has no dependents. Let’s look at how the yuppie’s spending will change after TRAIN.

The rising millennial

A novice when it comes to taxes and salary deductions, the millennial has only a few years of experience as a working professional. He or she is 20-25 years of age, has a steady job, earns P25,000 a month, and has no dependents. How much did the TRAIN affect millennials? We take a look below.

The working mom

The working mom is an expert juggler; between managing her family and keeping afloat at her job, she also has to find time to create a family budget and run a household. She is 25-35 years of age,has a steady job, earns P25,000 a month, and has one dependent. Will the family budget be affected by TRAIN? Let’s find out below.