How much is my Coldplay ticket in 10 years

How much is my Coldplay ticket in 10 years

How much is my Coldplay ticket after 10 years?

Coldplay is finally coming to Manila. The popular band behind hits such as “Yellow,” “Viva la Vida,” and “S2pid Love” “Hymn for the Weekend” will perform at the Mall of Asia concert grounds in April 2017. And they’re taking your ₱20,000 with them. That is, if you were able to buy a ticket at all.

Tickets for the Coldplay concert are projected to sell out a week after the event was announced. Tickets are sold out during the pre-sale launched by the main sponsors. It has gotten to a point that celebrities say they need a “fixer” to watch the band perform “Fix You.”

How much money are we talking about?


The Coldplay concert tickets cost at least ₱1,800 and as high as ₱22,500 for the VIP section. That spurred a lot of morbid “kidney for sale” jokes on Twitter, lest prospective watchers buy the cheapest ticket and watch the concert from a far-away place via a giant screen, while their more fortunate concert-goers get to experience Coldplay up close.

Here’s a tip though: the VIP tickets for Coldplay’s concerts in Singapore and Taiwan are cheaper (?!?!) than the one in Manila. The Singapore concert costs up to ₱9,500, while the Taiwan event is at ₱12,200. You can buy plane tickets to and from those cities (probably around ₱2,000 via seat sales) and end up saving money by watching the concerts in those places instead.

What else to do with that Coldplay money?


Of course, it’s a blast to be at concerts by popular acts like Coldplay. But if you are having second thoughts about buying a ticket (at this rate, possibly from a scalper), then you probably won’t be that devastated to allocate that ₱20,000 for other things.

Let’s say that instead of spending ₱22,500 for the Coldplay VIP experience, you opted to watch from afar for ₱1,800. There are a lot of things that the ₱20,000 can go to. GoBear has three options off the top of its cute head: stock investment (perhaps by buying shares in the company that owns the concert venue), videoke machine business (so that you and your clients can sing Coldplay songs as much as you want), and mutual funds (uh, nope I can’t think of anything to relate it to the band).

How will my Coldplay money grow?


Before we go into how much these options can grow your ₱20,000, let’s look into how much that money will be 10 years after, based on some basic economic trends. According to data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the average inflation rate for the past 10 years is 3.7%. If we apply that percentage over the next 10 years, your ₱22,500 Coldplay ticket will cost ₱32,357.

But of course, our aim is to make more money than that. Putting ₱20,000 of that Coldplay money in buying stocks in the concert venue owner (whose name rhymes with FM) is a good option. For the past 10 years, the stock value of that company grew threefold to fivefold. If that trend continues, your Coldplay money in 2016 could be worth ₱60,000 and ₱100,000 by 2026.

How can I make that money grow?


If the risk that comes with stock trading is “The Hardest Part” for you (Coldplay reference intended), you can opt to start your own small business. Assuming that you can get one rental booking a month at ₱1,000 (and that’s even worst-case), you can net ₱12,000 a year. That’s ₱120,000, or 10 VIP tickets, in 10 years for renting out a machine you can sing Coldplay songs on. (Though admit it, you’re more likely to sing Aegis songs. Don’t be shy.)

And if you don’t like the risk of stocks and the rigors of a sideline business, you can actually let your money rest in a mutual fund and let the finance people handling those funds do the money growing for you. The average mutual fund grew by around 5% per year for the last five years, and that’s a conservative estimate. If that trend continues, your ₱20,000 today becomes ₱32,557 10 years later, just for doing nothing but emoting while listening to Coldplay (and probably some April Boy Regino as well, you closet jologs).

Here at GoBear Philippines, we aim to help people in becoming more knowledgeable in financial matters, including the opportunity costs of that Coldplay ticket. Explore the site for more money tips, as well as all the information you need on financial products such as credit cards, insurance plans and personal loans.