Money-management has always been a struggle when starting adult life, and from there, it doesn’t get any easier. Income doesn’t grow as fast as one’s needs and expenses. Sometimes you even might find yourself wondering about where all your money went. Of course, no one wants this.

Don’t wait for your expenses to get ahead of your earnings! Even making their ends meet doesn’t suffice anymore. If you’re looking for a smarter way to spend your money, then your phone (unsurprisingly) will be your budgeting buddy. Downloadable money-management apps for your mobile device/s are specialized to plan a budget, track your expenses, pay your debts, and even save money!

Here are the best money-management apps in the market for you to pick from, depending on your needs.

Best overall

Money Lover

Rating: 4.6 in the Google Play Store, 4.5 in the Apple App Store

money app


If you’re looking for an app that has it all, then Money Lover is perfect for you! Compared to most money-management apps, this one has the most features you can explore. This includes creating a budget and tracking your income, expenses, and debts. You can keep track of everything, even from your computer! Monthly and yearly reports help you visualize how you use your money. 

The app is even smart enough to notice recurring transactions and keep track of the deadline of bills for you. You can also link your Money Lover account to banks, like Landbank and Metrobank. You can even connect it to third-party programs, like PayPal, so that you can keep track of all your finances through one app! 

Best for tracking


Rating: 4.6 in the Google Play Store, 4.8 in the Apple App Store

If you want to track your expenses and have a better view of how you spend your cash, this is the perfect app for you. Like Money Lover, you can track your money by manually entering all income and expenses. Similarly, you can compile these data into weekly, monthly, and yearly summary reports. 

The best thing about Monefy is that you can sync multiple devices and accounts! That means you can track your whole family or group’s finances! This feature is specific to this app and specially made for parents who need to plan finances for an entire group.

Best for business or investments


Rating: 4.6 in the Google Play Store, 4.7 in the Apple App Store

If you’re interested in starting a stock market journey, Investagrams is specially made for the Philippine stock market. The app allows you to monitor the stock market and your investments. It even has a calculator so you can know possible earnings, depending on capital and real-time stock prices. You can rank stocks, according to its history so that you can invest wisely. Simulate future stock prices and trends. If you have already bought shares, you can know precisely when to resell them as the app notifies you of an increase in stocks you’ve invested in!

If you’re planning to start on stocks, you can practice trading for when you actually buy stocks. Receive advice from fellow investors and stock market enthusiasts. In Investagrams, these are all possible!

Best for savings money

Ipon: 52 Weeks Money Challenge

Rating: 4.6 in the Google Play Store



Have you ever had a new year’s resolution of saving for an entire year, and realize that you’ve lost track of your progress? The Ipon app helps you do this, and for an exact year. Set when you want to start, an end goal, and how much you can pay every week. For 52 weeks, the app notifies you when you need to “pay” your savings. It keeps track of your progress for you. You can choose a saving plan – save a constant amount every week, or increase it after some time? Saving money through this app would develop great saving habits to help you reach your goals, establish an emergency fund, and even pay debts.

Best for bill payments


 Rating: 4.2 in the Google Play Store, 4.0 in the Apple App Store

If you’ve ever been fined because of paying a bill beyond the due date, then you should know how this app could be handy. GCash is generally an e-wallet. Physical cash can be deposited into your account for online payments. Because it’s online, transactions are faster and easier. You can also deposit through multiple options, including 7-Eleven.

A specific feature from GCash allows anyone to pay bills with their wallet. Compared to most bill-payment apps, GCash can pay up to 82 billers in the Philippines. Get rid of lining up before a cashier, filing paper documents, and receiving physical receipts that are easily lost. Whatever you need, GCash can help pay – electricity, water, cable, credit card fees, telephone communications, airlines bookings, government bills, insurance fees, and even tuition!

Mobile banking apps


Most banks nowadays offer you an option to manage your account online through an application or their official website. Depending on your bank and deposit account, you need to have the corresponding mobile banking app. The most common features you can find in all of these apps are the following:

  • Real-time account tracking and managing, including paid interest
  • Funds transfer from one account to another (even though different banks)
  • Bills payment to affiliated merchants
  • Pay for online purchases

Other bank applications may have more features or faster mobile transactions. While obviously, some of these platforms perform better than others, your choice of a bank shouldn’t depend on these features. Pick a bank that helps you manage and save your money better. Compare savings accounts or time deposit accounts through GoBear today!

Bottom Line:

Managing your money is a hard task. It needs a lot of self-control and smart planning, especially if you don’t have too much cash to waste. And frankly, no one wants to lose anything. There’s nothing wrong with needing help from technology. In the first place, that’s how technology should be used! These apps should help you sort where your valuable money goes. 

If you’re ever caught with fewer funds than you need again, at least have a credit card to stretch your budget. GoBear allows you to compare credit cards depending on your spending habits, and other more factors.