Having your own business is the sure way to financial freedom. When you are your own boss, that’s when you totally enjoy financial independence and be able to do whatever you want without the restriction of an eight-hour job. It only takes creativity to know how to make money. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, gather your courage now and to start your own business. Start with a small business and work hard to grow it. Here are some business ideas that can bring you good profit that requires less than ₱100,000 for the capital:

Business Idea 1: Street Food Business

Estimated start-up capital: ₱5,000 - ₱10,000

For a very low capital, you can have your own business plan with a street food stall. Street foods are considered as a good source of income because Pinoys sure loves street foods. You can go for the usual kikiam, fishball, squid ball, chicken ball, or go for more varieties like barbecue, calamares, and tokneneng. You can earn as much as ₱500 in a day especially if you get a really good place where there are plenty of people. Best locations are around schools or the market.


Business Idea 2: Gotohan and Mamihan

Estimated start-up capital: ₱5,000 - ₱15,000

If you have a talent for cooking and you live in a place where people work early, you can set up a Gotohan and Mamihan and start earning as a business idea. You have to pick up a place though, renovate it to accommodate customers, and think about what other products you’re going to offer. You should also decide whether your gotohan will be open 24-7 or for a set time only. You should also consider if you’re going to hire other people or you’re going to make it by yourself.

Business Idea 3: Videoke Rentals

Estimated start-up capital: ₱25,000

Another business that you can pull off is to rent out videoke machines for special occasions. Videoke rental services are in a boom especially during birthdays and other celebrations. You will need a smart business strategy to promote this business though. Some of the cost-effective ways to promote your business are through Facebook, tarpaulins, banners, or simply do the word-of-the-mouth advertisement. Videoke machines are usually more affordable at Raon, Manila and you can buy five machines to start up your business.

Reshaping Your Business For The New Normal

Business Idea 4: Farming

Estimated start-up capital: ₱25,000 for each hectare

Farming is one of the promising business ideas you can consider. If you know a place where you can buy land—say a hectare—you can invest in vegetable farming. Unlike common belief, there is plenty of money involved in farming especially if you use advanced methods of vegetable growing. By having a lot, you can also seize additional business opportunities such as raising hogs, poultries, and goats. Take note that meat is always in demand especially in the local markets.

Business Idea 5: Cellphone Repair

Estimate start-up capital: ₱50,000

Nowadays, smartphones are more fragile than before. Hence, these are prone to breaking or not working properly as they should. Starting up a cellphone repair shop will be a good idea. You can also sell cellphone accessories and other gadgets as another business strategy for your business. Just make sure that you do quality work and excellent work ethics to gain customers’ trust.

Business Idea 6: Carwash shop

Estimated start-up capital: ₱50,000 and above

One of the profitable business ideas you can consider is starting up a carwash shop. If you make good on the business, you can easily earn as much as ₱25,000 a month or more depending on the services you provide. Of course, providing excellent service is the first key to gaining your customers’ trust. You can also add selling car accessories to maximize your profit earnings. Make a strategic business plan to thrive in the market and implement the plan effectively and you can possibly go far with this business.

car wash

Business Idea 7: Clothing store

Estimated start-up capital: ₱50,000 and above

If you’re really good at fashion, you can sell affordable clothes and other apparel with good quality. Nowadays, you can set up an online store and advertise on social media so you can reach more people. It is smart to start this as an online business whereas you don’t need to pay for a place and just use your house. Once your business is known and you’ve acquired loyal customers, you can then decide to put up a physical store where your customers can visit and shop. This way, your business can already sustain the cost of rentals and other operational expenses such as electricity and staff.

Business Idea 8: Photography

Estimated start-up capital: ₱100,000

If you have some very good photography skills, you can invest in a good set of cameras and photography equipment and start your own photography business. This is one of the business ideas that are well embraced nowadays by skilled photographers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Although the competition is high, you can definitely thrive if you will deliver unique photography concepts, high-quality outputs offered in good packages, and reasonable cost for the services you’ll offer. Additionally, you can also start up a sideline business with your photography skills by setting up your portfolio online and have people buy your pictures.

female staff

Business Idea 9: Grocery store

Estimated start-up capital: ₱100,000

Another small business that has good potential for earnings is a grocery store. Buying products for this kind of business is cheaper and you can have an assortment of products available. You can set up a local grocery store in your place or invest more for a larger one. The best place for a grocery store is the public market or those with high human traffic. It is also a good business strategy to bring the grocery store close in a community that still travels to shop for their commodities. Consumers prefer convenience; hence, these people will make a good target customer.

You can further improve these business ideas to make your business more unique. Take courage to start your small business now after careful planning. Don’t delay realizing your dream of being an entrepreneur any further. Now is the best time!

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