9 Best OFW Business in the Philippines

9 Best OFW Businesses in the Philippines

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For Filipinos working abroad, an OFW business or investments for OFW are one of the best ways to increase earnings. As modern-day heroes, OFWs provide greater purchasing power for their families with the help of foreign currencies. But on a Consumer Expectation Survey performed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the second quarter of 2015 showed that only 49.7% of OFW families who received remittances are able to put up savings accounts and only 6.7% have put up investments.

You will not be an OFW forever. By this time, you should have an OFW business in place as you prepare for the coming days. Make your money grow. Choose from the best investments for OFW. If you don’t know what these investment choices are, then our list below will help you.

OFW Business #1: Use your bank’s investment offerings

If you already have a savings account in a bank, you can take advantage of the investment choices that your bank offers. You can go for mutual funds, bonds or unit investment trust funds or Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITFs). These investments offered by banks have different benefits depending on the kind of investor you are. Most banks also have special investments for OFW that you can take advantage of.


OFW Business #2: Try out mutual funds

For first-time investors, mutual funds are the simplest option as a type of investments for OFW. You can have the choice of going for a low-risk, moderate risk, or high-risk mutual funds. Some insurance companies also provide mutual funds as part of their insurance policy offerings.

OFW Business #3: Dip your hands in bonds

Compared to regular savings accounts and time deposits, bonds provide higher interest rates. As an OFW, making the most of your money is your ultimate goal while you still have a good cash flow. Bonds are also good investment options if you don’t want the high risk that comes with investing in stocks. Like UITFs, bonds have fixed maturity dates.


OFW Business #4: Learn more about UITF

Similar to mutual funds, UITF is another form of OFW investment where fund managers will handle your money. Compared to mutual funds, which involve shares, UITF are per unit investments that have a set maturity date. This means that your investment profits will depend on the number of units that you bought until the time of maturity.

OFW Business #5: Engage in real estate

If you want to invest in an OFW business that is sure to earn a good profit, invest in real estate. Build apartments to rent out or do the same thing with your town house or any available lands that you have. Real estate investments always appreciate despite market fluctuations and it’s a great way to build a good passive income.


OFW Business #6: Open a franchise

Another good option for an OFW business that you can try is opening up a franchise. Small franchise costs around ₱35,000 to ₱170,000. This is ideal if you’re thinking of small food stalls or food carts. Bigger franchises will of course require a higher capital but they are also more likely to earn you money than smaller ones. A word of caution, though. As much as possible, choose a franchise that you can trust and entrust it to people you also trust.

OFW Business #7: Invest in the stock market

If you are very good at numbers and you want to multiply your money fast, investing in the stock market would be the key. When done right, you can get as much as 50 percent of your money back in profits compared to a regular OFW business that you put up in just a very short time. Invest in publicly traded companies with good performance in the stock market. There are plenty of know-hows in the internet that you can use to learn the ropes of stock investing, use it.


OFW Business #8: Put up a business

Business is one of the best forms of investment in the Philippines and not just for OFWs. As long as you know the business that you’re going into, then you can make it profitable. Just make sure that you leave competent people to handle the OFW business that you have while you are abroad. You can also get a personal loan to fund a portion of your business. Many banks today offer loans for OFWs.

OFW Business #9: Grab an insurance

This may not sound like a valid OFW investment but some insurance policies also provide investments aside from the insurance policies they offer. This way, you will not just have an insurance in place but also a means of growing your money passively. These are called unit-linked insurance or variable insurance wherein the insurance portion is paired with a mix of investment vehicles like blue-chip stocks, treasury bonds and mutual funds. As financial experts say, don't put all your eggs in 1 basket. Well, here's the answer.

Our last words? Try to diversify your investments. It’s good to put into practice the saying that you should not put all your eggs in one basket.


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