We imagine millionaires as people who work 24/7 during weekends. We know that movie stereotype of a tycoon dad who can’t go to outings with his family because he has some meetings scheduled. But this couldn’t be further from the truth for the actual millionaireIn reality, the answer to the question “How do millionaires live during weekends” is quite boring. They spend their spare time like the rest of us: relaxing, unwinding, refreshing. And they don’t exactly spend their weekends devising more plans on how to get rich. They just put themselves to be in a position to be more focused and productive come Monday. And we know that productivity and performance breed success. Which is why we’re here to share the habits of millionaires during weekends, which consist of:

Early Mornings

We usually view weekends as a golden opportunity to catch up on sleep lost during the weekday. Hence the inclination to wake up late when Saturday comes. But a millionaire wakes up during weekends the same way he does during the weekday. This is actually a scientifically-confirmed habit for success. Doctors say that a uniform sleep cycle contributes to a more refreshed body and a more productive mind. It appears then that a millionaire mindset can be summed up with this proverb: “Well begun is half done.”





Doctors (who are more likely millionaires themselves) conducted studies stating that a person performs at his peak between two and four hours after waking up. You may think of a millionaire as someone “big-boned” on a suit, but chances are that he has a physical activity or two that gets him going and helps him reach his mental peak. In addition, great ideas can come in during exercise, according to millionaires themselves.


Weekend Plans

A weekend similar to that of a millionaire doesn’t have to be concentrated only on that weekend. Making plans for the weekend during the weekday, perhaps booking a concert ticket or a hotel reservation, not only makes the weekend fun and something to look forward to, but also serves as a mood booster during the weekday.

Little to No Chores

One sure way to be tired on Mondays, making you less interested in thinking how to become rich, is to treat weekends like they are weekdays. Doing chores serves as a main culprit for that. Doing the chores little by little during the weekday instead of stacking them up during the weekend can help get rid of the Monday blues.

Little to No Emails/Internet

Another way to convert your weekends into extensions of weekdays is to keep checking your email. Add to that the urge to check your social media accounts, and you’ll suddenly waste half of your Sunday staring at your phone. Keeping that into a minimum, perhaps 30 minutes. A lot of millionaire tech CEOs themselves swear by this habit (even though they are quite responsible for these habits in the first place). 



Hobbies (and Not Even the Millionaire Kind)

Try reading into millionaire profiles, and it’s more likely that they have hobbies that are quite similar to what us commoners do. (Not all of them eat caviar on their yachts, OK?) Each hobby, regardless of whether it is gardening, crafts, sports, cooking, or other endeavors, can add skills and help refresh you for the weekday ahead. 

Social Life

One thing that a millionaire doesn’t stop doing is to find connections. It doesn’t have to be an active effort. A lot of networking opportunities can be grabbed during hobbies and workouts being done during weekends. That’s how some successful enterprises begin after all.


Spending a bit of your downtime, perhaps 30 minutes on Sundays, to visualize what the coming weekday would be like can help in sharpening your focus. It also prevents you from feeling overwhelmed come Monday. A millionaire can even incorporate the good ideas generated during weekend activities into the weekday.




Have you ever asked why a lot of millionaire businessmen end up being philanthropists and building foundations? Aside from finding ways to put their riches to good use, foundations allow them to do civically worthwhile activities. But you don’t have to have millions to do charity or civic work. Volunteering is a great way to combine exercise, hobbies, and networking, a kind of efficiency worthy of a millionaire mindset.

Family Time

Remember the millionaire stereotype we mentioned earlier? Chances are, it’s false, because a successful person always finds time for his family. Like you and me, a lot of millionaires also make the effort to spend quality time with their families during the weekend, especially since they don’t get to do that a lot during the weekday. Doing so also helps with recharging for the weekday.

Me Time

One of those underrated habits of millionaires is setting aside some time for yourself, perhaps by prayer, meditation, reflection, worship, or anything that’s quiet. Either of these activities help in looking into the past week as one big picture, thinking through what’s important, and setting goals and priorities for the week ahead.



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