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Is Your Next Purchase Worth the Swipe?

Aside from their convenience as you can just easily slip them in your wallet, credit cards also offer security and benefits such as rewards and free gifts. However, as we’ve mentioned before, owning a credit card comes with great responsibility. 

Smart credit card use isn’t just about meeting payment deadlines, it’s also about being wise in choosing your purchases that are actually worth the swipe. Here’s a list of the things that you may be better off buying with a credit card:

Travel arrangements

Have your credit card pay your next trip. With seat sale promos that usually come unannounced, it’s easier to secure your flights when you pay for them using your credit card. In fact, some banks offer airline miles cards that let you earn miles as you book flights with their partner airlines. 

There are banks that also give away discounted vacation packages inclusive of flights and hotel accommodations. A few perks to look forward to with airline miles cards are: free flight or hotel room upgrades, priority check-in at business class counters, and priority airport lounge access.

is your next purchase worth the swipe

Online purchases

If it has become a norm for you to do all your shopping online, then using your plastic card upon check out is the safest way to go. Usually, banks send you a one-time pin (OTP) via text message to confirm that you’re the one making the purchase and not someone else.

But before you hit that “Add to Cart” button, remember to go only to trusted online shopping sites to avoid hackers getting access to your personal details. What’s even nicer is that, there are shopping credit cards that allow you to earn rewards points every time you use them online. Sometimes, banks offer exclusive discounts to credit cardholders especially during Black Friday and other holiday sales.

Supermarket purchases

Shopping for basic necessities doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. With a grocery credit card, you can save money as you shop with select supermarkets. 

Grocery shopping is like online shopping as they both let you earn rebates when you pay for them using your card. With grocery cards, you can avail of 0% installment programs and experience priority lanes so you won’t have to endure the long lines at the cashier.

Appliances and gadgets

That 40-inch HD LED TV would look good in your newly-renovated sala but is it worth a swipe from your credit card? Yes! Now is the time to replace your old appliance with a new one. There are banks that offer special warranty programs for items that you buy with your credit card.

What are the perks of paying for the appliances you dream of having with your credit card? Some banks give up to 24 months 0% installment plans and there are those that offer 50% discounts on appliances with deals like free toaster or coffeemaker. 

There’s nothing wrong with making purchases using your credit card, but you have to make sure that you will be responsible in swiping it. Knowing what you should buy with that plastic card can help you reward yourself while keeping your spending in check.

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