#InMyFeelings challenge

#InMyFeelings: Are You Sure You Want to Take the Challenge?

By now you’ve probably already seen videos of people getting out of a moving car while doing the In My Feelings challenge. For starters, this is actually based on Drake’s song of the same name, and it became viral after comedian Shiggy shared a video of himself dancing to it with moves that perfectly synced up to the lyrics.

Filipinos are also taking part in the dance craze, which has gone global with really dangerous results. One incident involved a teenager from Iowa who got out of her car and hit her head on the ground, leaving her in an intensive care unit after suffering a fractured skull. Then there’s this guy from India who bumped into a pole as he danced to the song. 

In fact, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) have warned motorists and netizens alike that jumping out of a moving car to dance to the hit is a violation of the Anti-Distracted Driving Law (ADDA) and the reckless driving rule.

“We have the anti-distracted driving law and we also have reckless driving as part of our violations, and taking the challenge itself will fall under those violations,” said Bong Nebrija, MMDA Commander for Task Force Special Operations.

Just so you know, the ADDA or Republic Act 10913 “prohibits motorists from using communication devices and other electronic entertainment and computing gadgets while vehicles are in motion or temporarily stopped on a traffic light or an intersection.”

Motorists may be penalized if they are caught doing the challenge:

Distracted Driving

First Offense: ₱5,000

Second Offense: ₱10,000

Third Offense: ₱15,000 (with a three-month suspension of driver’s license)

Reckless Driving

First Offense: ₱500

Second Offense: ₱750 (with a suspension of driver’s license)

Third Offense: ₱1,000 (with revocation of driver’s license)

Sure, dancing is fun but having to shell out money for violating these laws isn’t. If you’re really into taking this challenge, then feel free to record yourself dancing at home or at a parking lot (make sure you’re not in the middle of the road!) or anywhere that’s safe and without moving cars. 

Anyway, Shiggy’s version didn’t involve going down a moving car, so you can just skip that part and stick to staying safe while having fun at the same time. Sometimes, doing it for the ‘gram poses risks that you might end up regretting later on.

Now, are you sure you STILL want to take the #InMyFeelings challenge?

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