How to Start a Business with the Right Attitude

How to Start a Business with the Right Attitude

There might have been that one time when you think about how to start a business of your own. It could be during one of those not-so-good days at the office when you just want to be your own boss and get rid of all these deadlines. It could also be after one of those shows you watched about other people making it big, especially when those people make it sound so easy when they share stories about how to start a business.

What these successful people would tell you is that the most important thing about building your own business is not the money that goes into it, or the business plan you concocted, although those things are surely needed. But rather, the crucial thing with how to start a business the right way is having the right set of attitudes about it. While people of almost all personalities can make a business successful, there are some mindsets and actions that get you closer to success.


Here are a few lessons from Burn Gutierrez, Chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy and owner of Rock to Riches Blog. Burn shares the GoBear advocacy of helping Filipinos make smarter financial decisions through literacy.


How to Start a Business: Mind over Matter

So before you ask about the material aspects of how to start a business, better start adopting the right values. Because more often than not, success or failure of a new business depends less on the things that go on and more on how the person leading the business approach every event.

1. A good businessman starts and ends strong.

As the adage goes, “Well begun is half-done.”  Few things beat a well-prepared business plan or a great opening day in terms of how to start a business well. But a lot of dangers lie with being satisfied of how well things start. Ensuring success means a good follow-through and a great conclusion to your plans.

2. A good businessman is smart, but can also accept and learn when he isn’t.

A good businessman applies his smarts and has many answers with regards to how to start a business right. But a great businessman knows when he doesn’t have all the answers, is willing to take risks that could lead to making mistakes, and use these wrongs to be smarter in the future.



3. A good businessman can also accept responsibility for things that don’t work.

A good entrepreneur owns up to his mistakes, because he is wise enough to accept that the wrong move he did today will not define him, but his actions tomorrow will.

4. A good businessman sticks to his word.

Over-promising to your family, friends, workers, and customers is one sure-fire way on how to start a business on the wrong foot. You may have also heard of the mantra “under-promise and over-deliver,” but sometimes it also doesn’t work well business-wise. The better way to approach this is to be true to your word.

5. A good businessman is well-organized.

Before you ask about how to start a business, better ask yourself about how you do your business at home and in the office. The messier your living and work spaces are, the more likely you’ll lose certain stuff. Managing a business involves red tape, taxes, contracts, and more such paperwork, so being tidy goes a long way with how to start a business.


6. A good businessman sees the big picture and looks far ahead.

The biggest and best companies have this mindset of striving to last longer than the current workers’ lifetimes and being around for generations. If that’s not an inspiring mantra on how to start a business, I don’t know what is. Anyway, these companies have the patience to look at the business years down the line and stick to their abundance mindset, knowing that true success doesn’t come overnight.

7. A good businessman inspires people around him to be better.

There are a few things better about how to start a business than beginning it with someone who motivates people to do well and believes in their abilities. A good businessman is only as good as his least performing employee, so he considers it an important duty to bring up morale.

8. A good businessman finds openings in hardships.

While this attitude applies less with how to start a business and more with how to maintain it, some companies get their big breaks the moment they turn hardships into opportunities, like the guy who made a lemonade stand when lemons keep getting thrown at him.


9. A good businessman solves his hardships instead of whining about them.

In the same way that a motivator is a great companion in how to start a business, a complainer is a hindrance in attaining success. As with life in general (and internet comments), why not channel all that negative energy and convert that into a positive action?

10. A good businessman finds a way to be financially independent.

A successful businessman is wise about his money, obviously. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. When you think about how to start a business, it can be a challenge to stay financially sound, and it can be tempting to spend more than you must. But when an entrepreneur stays focused and patient with running his own ship, he can steer that ship through stormy waters and land the jackpot in the end.

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