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How to Be Instagram-famous Without Breaking the Bank

Social media influencers are known to be earning a huge amount of money especially if they are generating thousands to millions of followers. But this is not the case for Lisette Calveiro, an Instagram blogger who moved to New York with $10,000 debt on her shoulders. Based on some reports, Calveiro kept on spending beyond her means to make sure she looks Instagram-perfect for her fans. It was until credit card providers started chasing her that she realized debt was looming over her head.

There are many ways to be Instagram-famous without breaking the bank. GoBear shares the tips below for those dreaming to become a social media superstar without slumping into the risks of financial ruins.

Hype vs. Style

You don’t need so much hype to be famous. Having your own style is actually the best way to give people a sense of uniqueness without spending too much on designer clothes and bags. Manila has a lot of spots for bargain clothing and apparel which include the Divisoria market, Quiapo market, Greenhills, Baclaran, and Cartimar. You will be amazed at how much flair you can get with a thousand pesos or less.

Home-cooking vs. fancy dining

Insta-worthy foods aren’t always made by renowned cooks and chefs. You can capture a great image of any dish right within the four corners of your kitchen. It just takes creativity and patience to research for the right budget-friendly recipe. In case you don’t have time to cook, find affordable yet local carinderia near you. Exotic tasty dishes are usually just a few blocks away sold by Manang Almusal, Ate Meryenda, Kuya Lunch or Tita Dinner. Don’t be scared to try out. After all, pictures with hundred likes don’t usually come with a hefty price.

Grab the hacks

Why swipe your credit card for a trip to Bali when you can just convert your miles and rewards for a free flight? Yes, there are a lot of credit card hacks you can take advantage of. Call your credit card provider should things get blurry for you. The more informed you are about your cards, the bigger chance you have to maximize its benefits.

Find a cause

Being famous is not just about promoting a service or product. Neither a star isn’t always the one with the most glamorous outfit. The best intention of a superstar is to drive people to a life-changing action. Posts without a cause are liked but are forgotten. A wedding photo is ordinary if it showcases just mere flowers and gowns. On the other hand, a wedding photo with a cause inspires people to love Filipino couples highlighting the kayumanggi glory.

Focus on passion, not fashion

Your passion will motivate your creative and ingenious side and emphasize the skills innately endowed to you without spending much on anything. Interesting posts are those that display natural and unique abilities. Cooking, weaving, baking and other talents can be showcased without spending much on glamour and travel. Your genuine know-how will eventually generate organic followers that enhances engagement and popularity over time.

Instagram is one of the most dynamic social media platforms that can make or break a superstar. Fame should not blind you when deciding to pay for something. The eagerness to be famous should not be an excuse to live a life you can’t afford.