What is the difference between solo backpacker and family travel insurance?

Getting travel insurance is a good way to secure you and your belongings in case of unforeseen mishaps during trips abroad or in the Philippines. A solo trip insurance or a family travel insurance will protect your savings from unforeseen accidents such as injuries, sicknesses, loss of luggage, flight cancellations and the constant delays at NAIA.

Travel insurance comes with different plans that cater to customers who travel alone or with their families. Different risks are involved for each kind of travel. For instance…

Solo travel is easier

Travel insurance for solo travellers is easier to arrange. A person has to just think about his destination and personal needs, as well as how often he travels. A frequent business trip taker can get multi-trip or annual insurance while someone who only travels once a year can be better served with a single-trip plan.

Traveling with the family is easier than you thought

You might think that traveling is more stressful with the family because there are more heads to worry about. But family travel insurance is not that stressful to get; it could even end up as the least stressful thing to do. All you need to do is to repeat what you thought about when getting solo travel insurance, while also noting how many people you are travelling how old they are with and how often you go out of town.

A mishap with just one among the group can be a hassle to others. If daddy injures his arm and leg on vacation (knock on wood), the family could end up worrying about a surgery that costs an arm and a leg in a foreign place. Depending on the kinds of travel insurance that you get, all those worries can be resolved easily.

No matter how terrible, horrible, no good, very bad (movie reference, wink, wink) your vacation gets, the insurance guys will still cover your family.

Be insurance wise, know your choices

For families, travel insurance in the Philippines comes in different forms. They usually cover two adults and up to four children under 18 years old, depending on the fine print. The single trip family holiday insurance policy is the cheapest option when it comes to getting everyone covered for a once-a-year wanderlust trip. But if the family travels three or more times a year, multi-trip or annual travel insurance is more economical and convenient. You know, like buying things cheaper in bulk at your favorite tiangge.

Just take note that the multi-trip and annual family travel insurance plans have fixed terms. You might need to get a separate insurance plan for your business trips. Also, some policies may contain restrictions such as age, whether the family members all live at the same address, or whether you are a single-parent family.

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