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One of the most popular ways to keep the money flowing is through freelance jobs. People who have a way with words create virtual careers, which has little to no capital required. Websites intended for a freelancer, such as UpWork (formerly oDesk), create a level playing field because most clients do not require your nationality, gender…not even a university degree.

Since Filipinos are inherently "maparaan," most people nowadays consider it as a source of income aside from the compensation from the nine to five job. Time, energy and raw talent (not to mention negotiating skills) are your principal investments. If you have skills in web content writing, SEO, social media management, creative writing or blogging, being a freelancer might be something to check out.

Let's help you set up for a work-from-home career so you can make money online.

Create an online resume

In order for prospective clients to know you exist and verify your credibility is if they can search about you online. In other words, you need to be Google-able.

One of the best ways to build an online presence is by building a LinkedIn profile. Not only is LinkedIn known worldwide (there's an instant recognition), but it also allows you to organize your CV based on skills, recognition or awards, publications and recommendations, making it a platform of choice for those seeking freelance work.

What I love about LinkedIn is the summary segment, which is found right below your profile picture. Try not to summarize your CV in that small box. This is the place where you need to sell yourself minus the buzzwords like strategic, team player or results-driven. Write like you would talk to a friend.

Craft a virtual portfolio

Printing your publications is so yesterday and it consumes a lot of paper. Even if you're applying in big ticket corporations in Manila, a physical portfolio in a folder will only mean you may not care for mother nature enough. If you want to build a virtual career, freelancer or regular job, an online resume goes side by side with an online portfolio. is a good start. I always recommend this site to my friends because unlike LinkedIn, the client doesn't need to sign up to access any Pressfolios account. It has a clean and minimalist interface with three basic layers, your photo with a title (social media guru or copy writing expert), your publications with bold print titles and pictures, and the summary with contact details.

Pick your freelancer platform

There are several websites out there which are intended for freelancers to find jobs suited to their skills or for clients who need certain services to complete their projects. The best freelance websites, like UpWork and, are popular sites for the tech-savvy Pinoys who are looking for home-based work. Kalibrr has been trending recently too!

The nice thing about UpWork, which I have tried and tested for about a year now with 3 long-term clients, is that you can filter the job feed according to your expertise like blogging or finance-related writing. It also welcomes other services which need skills in logo design, javascript, game development and many more. In addition, you can provide a review and ratings on your client to help other online freelancers determine the legitimacy and the work ethics mood swings of the client.

Make a payments account

How do I get paid?

The best freelance websites have a payment system which could either connect directly to your bank account or require a middle man like PayPal to do the money transfer. Fees related to the money transfer can be based on the amount of money to be transferred. Sometimes, the bigger the money you need to transfer, the smaller the fee.

You can also ask your client to make a direct deposit to your account.

Always consider the fees for money online transfer before setting your compensation per hour or per project. Ultimately, always remember to set yourself up for the risks of going on a fully online career, because there still are bogus projects out there even in the most popular freelancer platforms. Consider that you also need to play your part by establishing yourself as a credible project handler with awesome ratings and a good feedback. 

Go Pinoy!

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