The long break is around the corner! You are already planning your next itinerary and searching for travel tips to make your trip worthwhile. You even bought a new camera in hopes that *fingers crossed* you can capture Instagram-worthy photos of your travel OOTDs, food, and places visited.

We know that you are excited to share these things as soon as they happen, but as your furry best friends in this side of the digital world, we care for your safety more than anything else. Here are important travel tips and safety reminders that you must note before you fly away to your next destination. 

Travel tips for the cautious adventurer

Take as many pictures as you can, but never share these on social media (at least while you are still on vacation). Keep these travel tips in mind for your own good.


You know the feeling of finally getting your passport after days of waiting? We get that! And who does not like comparing silly passport photos? Posting "Just got my passport. Taiwan here I come!" may make you sound like a legit tourist already, but better err on the side of caution. Your travel guide will tell you that the first rule is to never share personal information with anyone. Your passport contains your date of birth, passport number, address, picture and other sensitive information that identity thieves can copy. Never post information online that you don't want strangers to know about you. 

Ticket with code

For some, posting "going to Bali" on Facebook and Twitter is not enough. Remember the saying, "if it's not in social media then it didn't happen"? People demand proof that you are going to Bali. Show us your ticket and boarding pass, please? Uh-oh! Don't! You may have blurred out your name or even your travel time, but tickets and boarding passes have codes such as Passenger Name Record (PNR) or your credit card number that people can use to get your identity, know your whereabouts, discover when you are away from home, and even locate where you are seated on the plane. Sounds scary don't you think? Don't worry, these travel tips will help you be a more vigilant traveler, so you can be more careful next time.

Travel itinerary

Planning to explore all European countries under Schengen? Now that you have a list of places you want to travel, you want to share your travel itinerary as soon as you can. Which hotel are you staying? Where are you going on November 3rd? You should keep mum about this sensitive information. Among other travel tips that you have to remember: keep all information about your vacation a secret while you are still on vacation. We don't want to dampen your excitement, but please limit your vacation posts to a minimum - if not none - until you come home. We know you are dying to post a photo of the beautiful Swiss Alps the moment you see it, but hold your horses! How about the luxurious room and bathroom of the 5-star hotel you are staying in Italy?

Don't post photos of it until you are in your own room at home. Facebook and Foursquare check-ins can be pretty dangerous especially if you are traveling alone. You may not tag your photos with your location, but depending on the security settings of your device, your photos are geotagged automatically. Skilled stalkers will know your exact location based on the photos you took and the time you took it. Makes us wish that Liam Neeson is our father, right? 

Other travel tips for safety

While the scenes at Taken won’t probably happen to you, it’s best to remain vigilant while you are travelling. Take precaution and always have a back-up plan while on vacation. Here are additional travel tips: Always know what to do in case someone stole your bag, passport, and wallet. Have photocopies of important documents in case they are lost or stolen. You can also compare travel insurance at GoBear Philippines so you are covered from unforeseen circumstances such as delayed flights, loss of passport and travel documents, medical emergencies and accidents.

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