Credit Card Promos

Have you read part 1 of this month's credit card promos? We sure hope you did because it’s only a few days before July ends!

Citibank’s credit card promos for food lovers


Citibank truly understands Pinoys’ love for food with these tempting offers! First in the list is the 30% off in Yabu (The House of Katsu) and Ippudo for a single-receipt purchase of ₱1,000. Simply use your credit card to pay for your food and that’s about ₱300 off your meal! Take note that this promo is valid for lunch meals from Monday to Friday until July 29, 2016 only.

Not only oriental cuisines, but even those with terrible craving for sweets will thank Citibank this month! They’re offering 25% off at Sugarhouse for a single-receipt purchase of only ₱800. This runs a bit longer than their other credit card promos — it’s on until July 31.

Free pizza, anyone?

And it doesn’t end there! How about a free 18-inch Yellow Cab pizza that’s free delivery? You can avail this from two stores. First in Executive Optical if you have a single-receipt transaction of ₱25,000. Besides a pizza, you will also get a free EO Sunwear that’s worth ₱2,000. 

Second is from Jewelmer. So now is the right time to purchase that set of jewelery for mom’s or your wife’s birthday. Or, perhaps a pair of wedding ring or engagement ring? Just go there, buy at least ₱75,000, put it on Citi PayLite instalment payment plan and get your free pizza! Not only pizza, you can also get a free Jewelmer golf umbrella and one free gift certificate worth ₱5,000. That GC is as good as a cashback.

Purchase from both shops is valid only until the end of the month, but redemption of the free pizza can be until August 31, 2016.

EastWest credit card promos for car owners

Free Halo-halo

Craving for that famous summer delight? EastWest credit cardholders are offered a free Halo-Halo Pampanga Special for a minimum single-receipt purchase of ₱1,000. All you got to do is dine in KKK Pinoy Food, pay for your meal with your EastWest card and you get that sweet dessert for free! Take note that this deal is only valid until July 25, 2016.


When is your car’s due for a complete tire change? Why not right now when EastWest is offering 50% off on magwheels for every purchase of 4 Dunlop or Toyo tires? You don’t have to pay for them with straight cash because the promo is also valid for 12-month 0% instalment transactions. This credit card promo is valid until July 31, 2016.


Bank of Commerce offers free steak!

Food-related credit card promos continue with Bank of Commerce free ribeye steak or Kookaburra wings from Outback Steakhouse Philippines. How? Simply spend at least ₱1,000 to get that free steak or ₱3,000 for the free wings. Pay using your classic, gold, or platinum MasterCard and make sure to visit before the month ends.

UnionBank understands beauty needs

Buy your intense diamond peel service in advance this month from Healthway Medical. Why? Because UnionBank offers credit card rewards for the beauty-philes. If you get two sessions, you will get one session free. That’s three sessions to complete that much-needed skin rejuvenation. OR, maybe share it with some friends and it will be the perfect all-girl bonding. Just make sure to use your UnionBank credit card on your purchase and buy them on or before July 31, 2016.

Maybank for a Sentosa trip

Just in case you’re going to Singapore soon, and you happen to have Sentosa in your itinerary. And by divine providence, you happen to be a Maybank credit card holder, too! The bank is offering 5% off Sentosa Fun Pass (Play 5). Just use the code Maybank2016 when you buy your tickets. This promo is valid only until the end of the month.

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