Credit Card Promos

Were you able to enjoy the best credit card promos last June? Well this month, we’re giving you yet another curation of the awesome-est deals in the Philippines! Why? Those discounts, freebies, cashbacks, and buy-one-take-one deals should not go to waste.

All promos are valid until July 31, 2016, unless stated otherwise. So without further ado...

PNB offers loads of dining & shopping treats 


PNB has the most exciting credit card promos this month with seven tempting freebies and buy-one-take-one deals that will surely awaken the foodie in you. Take for example Bigby’s Hawaiian Crispidilla, which you can get one free if you purchase one using your PNB credit card. How about take this gluttony to the next level and enjoy the Monday lunch buffet at Alba? Not just one, but you get a free one for a pal, too!

So just enjoy freebies like that Krispy Sisig at Dencio’s with a single-receipt purchase worth ₱599 or that shumia with miso soup at Yoshinoya for ₱600 purchase or that free quarter pounder burger at Big Better Burgers for at least ₱700 purchase. Kimukatsu will give away a free plain sandwich for purchases worth ₱1,000 and for the same spending at Kyochon, you can get a free chilli bulgogi or soy bulgogi.


Simply shop using your PNB credit card, and put the purchase on 3-month 0% instalment plan. There are plenty of stores to choose from and plenty of discounts and freebies you can get. For instance, you can get a free Riva backback for any instalment purchase worth ₱25,000 or a free Fukuda desk fan for a ₱15,000 instalment purchase.

Besides freebies, PNB credit card rewards include discounts like: 40% off in Yamaha Music Stores; 35% off on Anson’s; 30% off on Ideal Vision; 25% off from Oro Italia and so much more!


PNB credit card holders have a reason to stay at Movenpick Hotel in Mactan, Cebu. Rooms are 30% off, buffet at its The Sails is 30% off, and the spa services at Del Mar’s are 30% off, too! It’s a total relaxation.

Security Bank will upgrade your next boodle fight


Love boodle fights? Well lucky for you if you’re a Security Bank holder and a Seafood Island Northshore Grill lover. You will get free boodle fight upgrade. So you pay something good for 3-4 persons but you will get something good for 5-7.  That means three more friends can join the fight for free!

Not really into boodle fights but love Japanese food? You are still in for a treat because you can get 20% off dining in Yurakuen Restaurant in Diamond Hotel. But take note that this credit card promo is until July 14, 2016 only.

How about pizza? Everyone loves a pizza especially if it’s free! You can get one from Papa John’s if you spend at least ₱500.

Travel and Lifestyle

Now is the perfect time to finally start  your New Year’s resolution to get into fitness. 360o Fitness Club offers 25% off on membership plus a 2-day fitness pass for Security Bank credit card holders. If you’re really not into going to a gym, then maybe relaxation will help ease up your stress. Greenhills Elan Hotel has 30% off on all rooms while Astoria hotels in Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, and Plaza branches have 15% discount on rooms.


Enjoy credit card rewards like 25% off on your favourite The Row Ensembles items or get 20% off when you go shopping at Eyedeology, Luminox, Paul & Shark Yachting, and Piquadro.

RCBC for mommies and babies

Credit card sign up deals

Apply for a new JCB credit card from RCBC Bankard until the end of this month, spend at least ₱25,000 up to September 30, 2016, and then you will get a free gift certificate worth ₱1,000 for Uniqlo. Can’t spend that much? How about ₱5,000 in LJC Restaurant within 30 days after your card issuance, and then you’ll get a free Larry Can’t Cook book?


Sta. Lucia offers plenty of credit card promos exclusive for RCBC holders. Like, enjoy up to 50% off on children and baby items until July 15, and toys from July 16 up to the end of this month. For the whole month, the mall has up to 50% off on maternity and baby items. Plus, the first 120 customers with valid ₱2,000 single-receipt purchase will receive a special gift.

Not really into buying maternity and baby items yet? Well how about Gucci, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and more known brands for up to 65% off? Best of all, you can put your purchases on as long as 24-month instalment if you have at least ₱3,000 single-receipt purchase, which is almost 100% you can surely abide to.

All freebies from BDO credit card promos


For as low as ₱6,000 worth of instalment shopping using any BDO credit cards, you can earn a free SM Gift Pass worth ₱200. If you spend at least ₱15,000, you’ll get an upgrade to ₱500-worth GC.


Not only BDO credit cards, but even debit cards can join in this credit card promo. All you have to do is shop at any Walter Mart Supermarket before the  month ends. With a minimum single-receipt grocery purchase worth ₱3,000, you will get CDO Premium hotdog classic (230g) and CDO Premium young pork tocino (225g). Redemption is until September 20, 2016.

BPI big discounts on watches and accessories


TechnoMarine and MyDiamond offers a whooping 30% discount on both straight payment and instalment. All you have to do is pay using any BPI credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards.


Both Chelsea Grand Cafe and Chelsea Kitchen are offering freebies if you purchase as low as ₱2,000 using your BPI credit, debit, or prepaid card. Get free molten risotto balls from the Cafe and spicy Arrabiata and ricotta cottage cream rigatoni at the Kitchen.

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