Credit Card Basics


Every bank in the Philippines has a classic or standard credit card, which require low annual income or offer low finance charges — good for entry-level users. In other words, these entry-level  credit cards for newbies are a good way to enter the world of credit cards.

This is the second and final part to our top 5 credit cards for newbies. Read the first part here.

6.  Security Bank MasterCard Classic

This credit card offers one point per 20 and one mile for every 94. Points may also be exchanged for gadgets to donations. These points have no expiry dates, making it possibly the best rewards credit card for people who love to save for big-ticket items.

  •   Interest rate: 3.5%
  •   Annual fee: 2,000
  •   Unique features: No-expiration rewards points.  

7.  Chinabank Prime MasterCard


Prime earns one point per 25 and can be converted to cash credit and PAL Mabuhay Miles. Shopaholics’ best rewards credit card if you love SM Advantage points. Note the low interest rate as well.

  •   Interest rate: 3.25%
  •   Annual fee: P 1,440 + P 1,200 joining fee
  •   Unique features: Paypass, a feature that allows payment of small purchases with one tap, therefore no signature needed. Lower premium fee for CreditSafe life and accident insurance. 

8.  RCBC Classic Cards

Available in Visa credit card, MasterCard, and JCB, this product line offers 0% interest rate on up to 12 months of instalment purchases, and minimal fee for longer terms. You can also get 30% of your credit limit as cash advance thru partner ATMs.

  •   Interest rate: 3.5%
  •   Annual fee: 1,500
  •   Unique features: Free Travel Plus Lite insurance and purchase protection for items bought abroad; free worldwide concierge service; and 0% instalment for purchases abroad.

9. Union Bank Classic Card

This Visa credit card offers one point for every
3, and can be exchanged for shopping gift certificates, SM movie passes, cash rebates, and travel rewards. Can be the best rewards credit card for movie lovers.

  •   Interest rate: 3.5%
  •   Annual fee: 1,500
  •   Unique features: Includes U-Secure, which covers death and total permanent disability for up to 400,000, and U-Protect, which provides protection for temporary disability. Unlimited number of supplementary cards, and auto-insurance instalment plan.

10. CitiBank Classic Card

This Visa credit card earns one point per 30 pesos, which can be exchanged for annual membership waivers, free flights, donations, items, and purchases. Instalment payment available for up to 24 months with 0% interest rate. Cash advance at low interest rate of 3% and 3.64% effective monthly rate.

  •   Interest rate: 3.50%
  •   Annual fee: 1,500
  •   Unique features: Allows up to 7 supplementary cards with at least 10,000 credit limit for each. Get rewards for referring people, and pay in pesos for overseas shopping.


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