All work and no play...we all know how that rhyme goes, right? Not so easy to put it into practice, though, especially with the fast-paced world we live in. The online tools and productivity apps below are some of the best out there to help you manage your time better, follow your schedule, fall off it every once in a while, and learn new things while you're at it.

All apps are available to download for free (some with in-app purchases and paid upgrades) on the App Store and Google Play.

Collaborate with Trello

Going crazy looking for ways on how to be more productive? Meet Trello, every Type A planner's dream come true. For every project you're working on, you can create boards that can be shared with collaborators. (Or not, if you're a flying-solo, lone-wolf sort of person. No judgment.) You can add cards with checklists, attachments, comments sections, notifications and other nifty features that make group work so much more enjoyable and so much less of a headache. Organizing stuff through Trello is so effortless, it's almost therapeutic. Who knew being a control freak could be this fun?


Daily dose of good reads with Flipboard

No time to thumb through a ton of productivity apps to get your daily news fix? Flipboard is the news curator for you. Just choose any number of interests, integrate your social media accounts into the app, and voila — you have your very own one-stop app for all things current. One of the things I love most about Flipboard is that it really does feel like you're flipping through a magazine or a newspaper. The effects are so mesmerizing, and the images are sharp and richly hued.


Get answers and connect with Quora

Out of all the forums and social networking sites out there, Quora is the one that really makes you think. In Quora, you can join like-minded individuals in seeking answers to all the greatest ~mysteries~ of life, from dealing with the opposite sex to possible post-apocalyptic scenarios. Whatever question you might have on your mind, someone on Quora has probably asked it. The answers range from entertaining to insightful and well-informed, and you'll definitely learn a thing or two about your fellow humies each time you browse.


Go silly with MSQRD

If you're one of those people who like playing with your face, then you'd lose your mind over MSQRD. Compared to Snapchat and other similar social media and productivity apps, MSQRD has the most diverse selection of interactive face-tracking filters that look more realistic to boot. Curious to know what you'd look like as a panda, an old lady or a bearded dude? You can with MSQRD, and these are just some of the tamer filters. Face swaps are much more seamless here, too, if that's your kind of thing. (I think it's everyone's kind of thing.)


Get lost in the world of Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is the ultimate in mindless gaming. You just leave toys and food out in your "yard," exit the app, and check back to see how many cats you managed to ensnare. Seems boring, but it's strangely addictive. Soon you'll find yourself obsessed with buying them all the best toys, collecting all the rare cats (one of them is named Lady Meow Meow and she is dressed like Lady Gaga) and watching their cute, repetitive movements until you squee yourself to death. These tiny virtual rascals will take over your life. Be warned.


Organize your ideas with Mindly

If you still think organizing your thoughts and ideas is mind-numbingly boring, your life has obviously never been blessed with the existence of Mindly. Mindly transforms your messy jumble of thoughts into a minimalist and soothing mind map. You can put images in it, rotate it, insert emojis (or "icons"), change the colors and add notes. It's very intuitive and fluid — your train of thought in visual form, but so much more structured and prettier to look at.


Tick off your checklist with can turn any lazy slacker into a total doer and go-getter. This is one of the must-have productivity apps to make organizing different kinds of lists easy as pie — from grocery lists and work to-dos, to travel itineraries and dream destinations — and it even cheers you on as you check things off your lists! It may get a little too perky at times, but hey, at least it gets you off your butt and moving toward your goals.


Have peace of mind with GoBear

With the vast array of banking and insurance products out there, who has the time to peruse them all just to see what fits your needs the most? Also, nothing can be more annoying than service providers secretly grabbing their share of the pie via click-throughs and other marketing gimmicks. GoBear offers unbiased comparisons of credit cards and insurance, with no hidden charges or obligations. Knowing something like this is right at your fingertips is such a relief for finance newbies.


Even with these productivity apps, are money matters stressing you out? Make your financial life easier through GoBear!