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When it comes to games based on sports, few can beat the NBA 2K series. What once started as a stop-gap solution to provide basketball-themed video games for Sega consoles has become a near-monopoly in its field. The newest version, NBA 2K17, launched in September to initial rave reviews from gamers and basketball enthusiasts. The game’s visuals, already creepily life-like in previous versions, levelled up to the point that it could almost be mistaken as a real-life NBA TV broadcast.

You know what else is a real-life game? Investing in stocks. While getting into it is not as exciting as a slam dunk in a video game, stock investing can have a better impact on your future prospects than any other game out there, unless you’re one of those professional DOTA players. Besides, starting your own stock holdings can cost just as much as buying that latest NBA 2K game.

As for whether one is better than the other, GoBear will present the pros and cons of each option, as we always do. 


*GoBear Warning: Do not torrent this game. “Piracy is stealing. Stealing is against the law. Piracy is a crime.” –Derek Ramsay.


The virtual space: NBA 2K17 features various game modes, depending on whether you want to play only one game or build your own (virtual) basketball franchise. Several options are online, allowing you to play against people from around the world.You get to pick from 30 NBA teams, as well as teams from the Euro League, Olympics, or legendary teams of the past. (No PBA/Slam Dunk options yet.) In addition, you get a chance to create your own player in career mode, allowing you to relive the experience of an NBA player, without the millions in cash.

The game modes are as polished as possible, that you can almost feel like you’re an actual NBA player, except you’re lazing on your couch and not getting even 1% of the exercise an actual player goes through. You can play as the Golden State Warriors and then make the Stephen Curry character shoot from half-court, and the shot will likely go in, just like in real life.

The real-time game: But before you get too excited about NBA 2K17, you might want to look into how exciting stock trading can be. There are various trading options, depending on whether you’re into speculative trading or investing in the long haul. Several options are real-time, while a lot of moves can be done online, allowing you to trade real assets alongside people from around the world.

As much as NBA 2K17 tries to be life-like, it won’t beat the real-life implications for every stock you buy or sell, even if you’re only pushing buttons on your phone or computer. You also get to invest on your pick from the hundreds of listed companies. You can choose to own a stake in a company that owns a PBA team or the TV network that aired Slam Dunk. In addition, you can put as little or as much as you want in your investment, allowing you to customize the way you’re going to earn your first millions in cash.

Beyond the Game

The virtual space: NBA 2K17 boasts a lot of exciting gameplay in a sleek gaming experience. However, there’s only so much that a video game can do to your actual prospects in life. And most of the improvements you can gain from a game like NBA 2K17 are emotional. You get a reprieve from the daily stresses of life, unless you spend too much time on it that you end up having more problems. The game is also a good way to bond with friends, particularly if you’re basketball enthusiasts. But so is playing actual basketball, although you won’t likely dunk on your friend the same way as LeBron James dunks on opponents.

The real-time game: Stock investment doesn’t have a lot of exciting gameplay that NBA 2K17 has. (The closer comparison would be fantasy basketball.) And your friends likely won’t compete with you or join you on that, unless they’re financially savvy as well. And it might be an additional source of stress, especially during economic downturns. But the highs and lows of investing is more likely to lead to real benefits and a better life.

One game serves as a great stress reliever and entertainment source, while doing little for the future, while the other might deliver some stress, but could also bring a better financial standing in the long term, alongside some entertainment value in the process. Only one of these games will allow you to earn enough money to buy yourself another great video game.

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