Personal Finance

Adulting — growing up from immaturity and handling adult duties like paying taxes and organizing your finances without your parents having to do that for you. And although we start to do the acts bit by bit, we are still kids at heart, no matter how old we get. If you start to fumble and see these signs ahead, then you need to take a breather from being a silly, happy-go-lucky wanderlust soul surfer and land your ass on earth back again.

1. You live from paycheck to paycheck

Great, you have work every waking business day of your life. But two or three days after your sweldo, your wallet starts to empty. You reward yourself with barista coffee every day or light a pack of cigarettes, thinking you deserve it for a reason unknown. Guess what, you don't. The mere choice of rewards you offer yourself is a sign that you need to start #adulting now. 

2. You have alternatives to vices

You have an e-cigarette because you certainly quit the health-hazardous vice called smoking. Sure, you lessened the chances of having abnormalities in your future child, but your money just got lost to another bottle of strawberry or bubblegum flavored e-cigarette. Sum it all up in a year and you could have used it to open a savings account. #Adulting, Google it.

3. You stay up too late because of work

Yes, we need to hustle. It's your bread and butter. It what gets you through a breakup. It makes you whole and gives your life meaning and drive. But hey, did you know that when you deprive yourself of sleep at the right hours, you actually do more harm to your body than good to your career? Make it a habit to sleep by 10pm and organize your work habits in the morning to avoid staying up too late.

4. You have no savings, retirement or emergency fund

Great. Just great. Somebody needs a little butt kicking. How old are you again? You can open an account for as low as 500 pesos now, and you can't put aside 500 pesos from your sweldo but you can rush to the mall at the sound of sale? That's a red flag right there. Git yerself tugethur.

5. You buy more stuff than you sahod allows

It's like using your credit card on things you can't pay for fully at the end of each month. When the sahod comes, break down your monthly expenses (rent, water food and transpo allowance) on a sheet of paper, add debt and savings (put aside 20% of your sweldo here). The right percentage is 20% for savings, but to some people, sagad na yan. So if you want to invest, make it a 10-10 ratio with savings.

6. You like to spend for other people

Filipinos are big spenders, especially when it comes to other people. We want to show our love and our wallets with the kind of gifts we give during birthdays and Christmas. That's okay, but not really. You can spend, but pay yourself first

7. You pay for everything to make life easier

I was in a corporate company which asked me to pay some ₱700 for a one-time BIR processing because the company has undergone a merger. Yes, I complained to myself for about 5 minutes, but gladly paid for it later to avoid the fuss of lining up and figuring out the tax form. If I was smart enough, I would have done the papers myself, saved some cash and even learned a thing or two about adulting paperwork.

8. You don't listen when others begin to notice

When people start to notice something about you, and it's not good, then you probably should begin re-assessing yourself. You don't have to bend over with everything people say about you, because you don't have to give a *banana* over it. But when more and more people say the same comment, then a self-evaulation might be handy. You get this, I know you do.

Have you seen these signs? You need to start adulting now.