How GoBear Works

Comparing with GoBear is easy. Whether you want to compare credit cards, car insurance, personal loans or travel insurance, all you need to do is follow three simple steps: search, select and compare!

How to use the GoBear platform?

Step #1: Search for your preferred product

Fill up our loans calculator, credit rewards calculator, car insurance selector and travel insurance finder to meet your criteria.

Step #2: Compare quotes cards

When the results of your query come up, you can now start comparing! Don't forget to use the "compare now" button to compare full details of each product side-by-side. You can compare up to 4 cards on desktop and 2 cards on your mobile phone.

Step #3: Select the product that meets your needs

Once you've decided, just click "Apply Now" or "Go to provider" and the site will check for your eligibility if you answer a few questions for us. When you get a successful message in the end, we redirect your information to our bank and insurance company partners so they can assist you in your application.

Advantages of comparing with GoBear

1. No sign up required - we don't ask for sensitive information before you see the quotes from banks

2. Unbiased - we feature all major products in the market today, not just from our partners

3. Reviews - we maintain strict editorial integrity so your choices will not be based on bank ads or the influence of a broker

4. No commission on top or processing fees - The values on each quotes card is the exact match or nearest estimate from the bank

5. Metasearch quality - with are the largest database to compare and we offer comprehensive details

Wait! If GoBear is free, how does it profit from all this?

Great question. The answer is simple:

We get a very small marketing fee every time a user chooses to apply with us, and later, get approved. Brokers run on commission, which allows a higher chance for them to push for products that give them higher commission (not that they do) even if the product doesn't necessarily fit your needs. We remove that middle man from the picture and let you see the details for yourself. GoBear has the most comprehensive details of each product, so you don't have to go anywhere else.

We aim to help you make smarter financial decisions. Compare first before you apply!