Credit Card Tips

Couples getting married—no matter how ready they are with their budget—have a common wish: to cut cost without skimping on quality and grandeur of the event. Most of them wish to wow their guests by achieving their dream flower arrangements and table centerpieces, gourmet meals, wonderful reception setup and program, and other wedding details sans the staggering cost. While weddings don’t really come cheap, there are budget-friendly tricks and strategies that can make this day extra special and memorable without failing to show the priorities and personal preferences of the individuals getting married. Here are some of those:

1. Keep your guest list concise.

Ask some wedded couples and they’ll tell you that if you’re pulling off a wedding on a budget, it would be wise if you limit your guest list, making it as concise as possible. Review your list many times over, and don’t hesitate to strike out some names. Try to stick to family and close friends; if there are slots left, that’s the time you can add some colleagues or co-workers. Doing so will cut down your catering costs especially if you’ll be charged per person. Besides the savings on food, drinks, and other reception costs, limited guests mean fewer save-the-dates and invitations to send out and fewer wedding favors to give away.

2. Tap into the talents of your family and friends.

A surefire way to avoid spending too much for your special day is to use the talents and skills of your close friends and family. This tip is usually included on small wedding ideas, especially when the couple doesn’t want to involve a lot of people on the preparation and the ceremony itself.

List down the services you’ll need on your wedding and figure out the people on your guest list who can help you with that. Who among your friends or relatives have a knack on photography and on taking videos or on making a fine wedding cake? Is there someone on your list who has what it takes to be your master of ceremonies? Perhaps, you also know someone who’s a florist in the making, a DJ, or an owner of a printing shop. After figuring out who can do what, try to politely ask them if they can or they know someone who can do the tasks for you for free or for minimal pay.

3. Have a good plan.

You will be able to save up to 50 percent if you plan your wedding well. If you have enough time to plan for this special occasion, you can set the ceremony on a weekday and during off season and on days other than Saturday. Obviously, the cost of everything wedding-related shoots up from June to September as these are considered the peak wedding months.

Other tricks you can add to your wedding planning tips are to haggle and to plan the use of your credit cards and reward points. If you start planning way before the ceremony, you can use your credit card wisely, so you’ll enough credit limit left for your wedding expenses. You can even arrange with your bank an installment plan or payment scheme for some of your big purchases related to your wedding.


If you have some kind of reward points or cashback, use that on purchasing something you’ll use for wedding like candles, ribbons, wrappers, and other supplies. Those who are planning to purchase items directly from suppliers or on a wholesale basis can also haggle. Just do a little research first on how much is the lowest or most reasonable price for the items you’re planning to purchase.

Remember: during the wedding, your vow should be “Till death do us part”. There’s no mention of the word “debt” in there.

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