Personal Finance

I deserve this.

This is the main reason we splurge on unnecessary, and most often, unhealthy habits which we call vices. I know, I know - it’s not drugs - but these vices we will mention are still not justifiable. Not only are you wasting money, but you are also taking less care of your health. It’s time for you to step up your game and take control of your life, or as what we call it, a financial diet is necessary.

Fast from fast food

The daily grind is unrelenting so you end up getting food from Jollibee or McDonalds to grab a snack in less time. They can be expensive and unhealthy because they are a total waste of money spent on bags of MSG fries or high-cholesterol fried meat.

The least expensive meal from these joints is at ₱50 x 5 a week x 4 weeks = ₱1,000 waste of money.

Quit the cigarettes

You just can’t quit. Sure, so here’s what a mild smoker spends ₱80 per pack a week x 4 weeks = ₱320. But if you want the menthol kind + the external filter because you’re more conscious about your health, then that means around ₱120 x 4 weeks = ₱480.

Chainsmokers can go as high as ₱700 per week, or ₱1400 a month.

Rehab from Coffee

Graveyard shift ka na nga, puro kape ka pa. That’s a double whammy on your health and on your pocket. Stick to free coffee (or better yet, tea!) from the office and stop this waste of money

A regular gourmet coffee costs ₱150 x 5 a week x 4 weeks = ₱3,000 waste of money.

Walk instead of ride

This is a waste of money if your office is 15-30 minutes away when you walk, because that means it’s only 5 minutes away if you ride a cab. Imagine spending ₱100 on a cab ride for 5 minutes everyday, that is ₱2000 waste of money every month. You’d rather walk, besides it’s always traffic anyway.

Split the bill dilemma

Women are usually fond of this, because we’d like to keep is “cash” as in casual with our friends. We try not to make money an issue so when the bill split is at P358.65 each, you produce 400 and leave the computing to your friends who ends up without a change for you. “You can give it next time”, you tell your friend and you both end up forgetting about it.

Always bring spare change, it’s great for going to restaurants or commuting.

Subscribing your credit card

One of the best features of a credit card is being able to use it for online shopping. But then you end up subscribing your card information on online shops, which now makes it easier for you to shop. The easier for you to check out your cart, you end up buying more than what you intended.

Avoid wasting money on these vices. Find more financial tips by following blogs of GoBear Philippines.