Personal Finance

"Adulting is hard," so goes the oft-repeated phrase we millennials like to plaster all over our social media pages. It's really all about taking charge of your own life, and it's a heady challenge! One of the things we associate most with adulting is personal finance. With our monthly paycheck comes great responsibility, and that means not blowing it all on shopping sprees and food trips. After all, we all have dreams to build and futures to plan, and knowing one's financial priorities is key to getting this adulting thing right.

So how does one even begin to know which to spend on, how much to spend on it, and when to dial down on the spending? Well, there are apps for that. Check out GoBear's list of the best apps that are not just uber-fun and uber-easy to use, but will definitely set you off on the road to financial success.

Best app for acquiring knowledge


Knowledge is one of the best financial tools out there, and Bloomberg isn't just for banker bros and investor types! On a newbie level, knowing the state of the global economy and what's going on with the world in general is powerful knowledge that can help you gain more financial awareness, which is beneficial in the long run. Bloomberg's app is customizable: it lets you choose which industry or region to receive your news from. If you're a casual or hardcore stock trader, then you'll love the Bloomberg app even more. You can set up your desired companies on a watch list, and it updates stock info in real time. It doesn't hurt that the interface is super sleek and sophisticated — not at all a bore or a chore to browse through.

Best app for managing finances


As one of this year's trending apps for finance and budgeting, Wally is destined to become your financial best friend. Just by the adorable name alone, this app is designed to make budgeting a whole lot easier. After entering your income, budgets and expenses, it will show you which days of the week you spent the most money in, how much you typically spend and where you spend it. You can categorize your expenses and set up savings targets. It even lets you know when regular payments are due through notifications. And finally, you can throw away all your hoarded receipts and just use the app to scan them and log them into your expenses. A thinner wallet, a thicker bank account and financial peace of mind — all of this, packed in a user-friendly interface that's easy on the eyes too.


So it's Payday Friday and you just got your paycheck — woohoo! Then Monday rolls along, you check your payroll account, and it's like it got hit by a money-sucking tornado. "Where did all my money go?" Spendee can help you answer that question. With just a little bit of diligence on your part by entering all your budgets (similar to other personal finance apps), expenses and even locations where you spent your money in, this fun and colorful app draws up handy charts to let you know where you most of your expenses often goes. So the more you use it, the more it becomes helpful. Spendee can tell you if you spend too much on your favorite comfort food restaurant, or if you're way too obsessed with mani-pedis, or if you need to slow down on Friday nights out.

Best app for comparing between products


Everybody compares hotels and hotel rates through websites like TripAdvisor, Agoda and Have you ever wondered if there is a site out there to help you compare the more complex products like insurance, personal loans or credit cards? That's the role of GoBear — a free website to help you compare! GoBear is mobile-ready, which means it is good for use on your mobile phone just as it is good for use on your desktop. The benefit of using the website is that it doesn't sell the products and since it is unbiased and transparent, it doesn't run on commission. From this scheme alone, you will know that GoBear will never promote products to you which has a higher premuim just to be able to sell. You don't even need to input your personal details to use the site. Just visit and you're ready to go!

Best app for saving up


Not all personal finance apps teach you how to spend your money — some can also help you save up! Unsplurge is one of those exciting trending apps that can do just that. Because it concretizes your savings goals, the app makes it easier and more motivating to set aside some of your income. Simply enter a goal into the app — you can even add a photo — and log your savings. The goal could be anything — from a shopping spree to a new camera, to a trip to Japan or even a downpayment for your dream home! What's cool about Unsplurge is it's also a community that provides support, cheers you on and even offers you savings tips. These can really do wonders to motivate you and spur you into achieving your own goals. Japan, here you come!

What's your best app for personal finance?

best-apps.jpgThere are more than a few hundred best apps for personal finance out there and finding the right ones for your needs is like going through a haystack for a needle. The 6th best app is on you! Why not share your best app in handling your money in the Facebook comments? Let everyone know your tried and tested app. Happy wealth management!