Travel insurance policies involve a whole world of jargons and exclusions, which seem to be created to confuse you more and make you ask yourself, "Should I buy trip insurance despite all this jargon?" Here are five mistakes you can make when selecting a policy.

1. Sign up first, read the fine print later

Being busy is not an excuse to flip some pages or click on the Internet to read about the policy which you are eyeing to buy.

The fine print holds the key to knowing about the exceptions in your policy. Your travel insurance may cover medical expenses incurred due to sports activities, but the fine print will tell you that some policies do not cover certain sports activities. The terms and conditions document holds all the information relevant to your coverage, such as the payout limits, the situations you're actually covered for (and their requirements), as well as the procedures you’ll have to follow in order to make a successful claim.

2. Paying for reserved seat but opting out of travel insurance coverage

Did you know that the cheapest travel insurance coverage for domestic flights costs about ₱250? It's as cheap as a movie ticket and even cheaper than getting a reserved seat in a plane, which costs up to ₱400 if you sit near the lavatory or exit.

Possibly one of the worst mistakes of all is skipping on travel insurance to set yourself up for a disaster. With the chances of needing travel or medical related assistance while overseas averaging at about 20% to 25%, not having the papers to back you up is a risk you simply can’t afford to take.

3. Going on an adventure trip but excluding sports coverage

So you bought travel insurance but did not include insurance coverage on sports activities, even though your trip is all about trekking or swimming.

Although insurance plans in the Philippines expect travellers to behave responsibly by taking the least amount of risk possible and following the policy guidelines, there are policy holders who engage in activities not covered in their insurance. Drinking and/or consuming narcotics are also grounds to get your coverage terminated.

4. Last-minute buying

Some travellers make the mistake of waiting for the last second to get their travel insurance, often times when they’re already in the airport or, in the worst-case scenario, in their holiday destination. Although getting an insurance policy at the airport may not be very complicated, the same doesn’t apply to getting insurance once you're already abroad. Aside from this, such rash action leaves travellers prone to insurance fraud.

Post departure coverage can be very tricky to find, since most insurance companies in the Philippines will outright refuse to cover a trip after it has already begun. Those that do, usually charge a higher premium, as well as extra excess fees, which include a waiting period of about 3 days before the coverage can actually start.

5. Not taking the necessary precautions

Just like with the risk factor, travel insurance companies in the Philippines expect travellers to take all the necessary precautions to make sure that nothing will get in the way of their trip or put them in jeopardy. This includes situations such as declaring any pre-existing medical conditions, keeping a close eye on your personal belongings and documents, getting all the necessary vaccination when travelling to exotic countries, and also following the travel notices and warnings. We haven't even discussed the possibility of ending up victimized by insurance scams because of such carelessness.

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