For credit card owners, it’s easy to apply for new cards if you think your old one is not giving you more rewards than it is advertised. For new applicants, it’s a more arduous process because of the lack of a credit history. A credit history is used by banks to assess your eligibility for another credit line. We’ve stacked up a list of
credit cards for first-timers who have no credit history, to make it easier for you to compare and apply. In no particular order:

1. BPI Blue MasterCard


BPI-blue-mastercard_280x165.pngWhat we love:

3.40% interest rate, compared to its peers of 3.50% up
Free travel insurance of up to ₱2 million
Wireless payment system against credit card fraud.



The BPI Blue MasterCard is a credit card for first-timers, simply because it outshines its peers on most basic features, including a lower interest rates compared to other “classic” credit cards for first-timers. Another come on from BPI is its balance transfer fee of 1.42% per month - one of the lowest today.

2. PNB Essentials

PNB-Essentials_280x165.pngWhat we love:

Cardholders entitled to 12% discount at Zalora until April 24, 2017 only
Very low interest rate per month at 3.25%
Rewards points never expire
Wireless payment available


The PNB Essentials is a credit card for first-timers with a low minimum income requirement of annual fee of ₱15,000, and an even lower annual fee of ₱1,200. Like most of PNB’s credit cards, the PNB Essentials has a free travel insurance plan, although with a lower coverage of up to ₱1,000,000, versus its counterparts PNB Platinum at ₱3,000,000, or the PNB Diamond at ₱10,000,000.

3. Citibank Cash Back Visa

 Citibank-Cash-Back-Visa_280x165.pngWhat we love:

*25% off at Big Better Burgers (promo until Nov. 30)
Bigger rebates for supermarkets at 6% and 0.2% on utilities
Non-expiring rewards
Wireless payment



Citibank Cash Back visa made it to the list of top credit cards for first-timers as it is packed with the features of an elite card with a lower minimum monthly salary of ₱25,000. This credit card is also applicable to foreigners looking to get a credit card in the Philippines. The supermarket and Meralco rebates at 6% is only applicable if the cardholder spends at least ₱10,000 on non-supermarket and non-Meralco items.

4. BDO Visa Classic

BDO-Visa-Classic_280x165.pngWhat we love:

Waived annual fee for the first year (worth P1,500)
Low finance charge of 3.25%
Non-expiring points so long as the card is active



The BDO Visa Classic is a credit card for first-timers with its EasyPay Installment programs, which allow the cardholder to enjoy 0% interest on installment purchases with over 3,000 partner stores in the Philippines. You can earn 1 point for every ₱50 charged to your credit card.

5. RCBC MasterCard


RCBC-MasterCard_280x165.pngWhat we love:

*Free treats from Greenwhich (promo until Nov. 30)
Non-expiring points
Waived annual fee on the first year (worth ₱1500)



One of the credit cards for first-timers, the RCBC MasterCard offers 1 point for every ₱36 spent on general items, 1 point for every ₱125 spent at supermarkets as well as on fuel. Has a higher interest rate of 3.50% and you don’t need an existing credit card to apply. In addition, it rewards you not just with points, but also with cashback rewards. In addition, the card has a travel insurance coverage of up to ₱50,000, and a low balance transfer rate of 1.03% per month.

6. EastWest Classic Visa


EastWest-Classic-Visa_280x165.pngWhat we love:

Cash advance up to 50% of your credit limit vs 30% in others
Low minimum salary requirement of ₱15,000
Non-expiring points



EastWest Classic Visa is one of the good choices of credit cards for first-timers if you just need to start your credit history. It offers 1 rewards point for every ₱100 charged to your card. You can exchange your points into various rewards on shopping, dining, health and wellness, as well as travel and leisure partner establishments.


* Terms and conditions apply

Compare credit cards for first-timers with GoBear Philippines to see a unique side-by-side comparison of rates, features, and even requirements. Be a smart buyer - compare before you commit! If you are new to this field, have a look at these credit card tips as well. 



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