At the temple of capitalism that we call the mall, you usually come across some credit card salespeople who want to give you an umbrella or a tub of popcorn once you sign up for their credit card. You might have intentionally avoided these sales reps from a certain bank in the city that we won’t name (wink, wink), but also you might have wondered about how it’s like to own a credit card. But you may be afraid to ask for credit card reviews from people you know. And we all know that we have to take reviews posted anonymously online with huge tubs of salt.

But no worries, shy fellow. For you, we have volunteered to ask six people about their credit card reviews. Each of these six people, who are in various stages of credit card ownership, told us about their respective experiences with their cards, from application to use and everything in between.


The newbie

Lyn.pngFor Lyn Lau, what convinced her to sign up for the BPI Amore Visa credit card just two weeks ago was the perks and discounts she can get from it. In her credit card reviews, the 27-year-old economics researcher was particularly excited about the 5% discount she can get from watching movies at the Ayala Malls (although she wished the discount was more like 10%). It also didn’t hurt that the card carried no annual fee, at least in her case, as she had been a prior client of the bank. The only not-so-positive thing she had said in her credit card reviews was about a mix-up when the card was sent to her; she was initially given the wrong type of card, a mistake that the bank had rectified fast enough for her liking.


Happy with the waived annual fees

Steven.pngSteven Se has been a BPI Blue MasterCard holder for more than a year. The 24-year-old network support engineer shared in his credit card reviews that the card had allowed him to claim free food from Jollibee, Chowking, and Starbucks when he spends more than P3,000. But what made him stick to the card was the ease in settling his credit card bill online. He also advised in his credit card reviews that the annual fees on credit cards can be waived depending on how one uses his card and settles his bills.



Didn’t apply for a card but still got one

Jenny.pngJenny Trinanes was surprised when she got a call from BDO telling her that she is eligible for a credit card. And just like that, a BDO Visa Classic was mailed to her in 2013. Even if she didn’t apply for the card, she revealed in her credit card reviews that the card made her feel more secure because she didn’t have to carry a lot of cash to go out. The points she earns didn’t hurt, either. Overall, the 31-year-old nurse recommended getting a credit card like hers but cautioned in her credit card reviews that it takes a considerable amount of self-control to responsibly own a card.


Long-time owners

Tim.pngIn his credit card reviews, Tim Ramos said that his Metrobank Classic Mastercard has been with him since “2006 or 2007, I think.” The idea is, it’s been a decade since the 33-year-old reporter received the card and the accompanying P3,000 in bonus credit from Adidas. (And, man, just imagine how much P3,000 was actually worth back then.) He also wasn’t sure if the application process took him a week or so. What he’s sure of in his credit card reviews is that he was able to waive his annual fees and that he didn’t earn points from the card. No wonder he admitted to not feeling very strongly about his card.


Rocky.pngAnother long-time user who can attest to the previously long application process for the credit card (in contrast to Jenny’s experience) is Rocky Teodoro. The 38-year-old operations manager revealed in his credit card reviews that the application process for his BPI Blue MasterCard in 2005 took two weeks. But he said that he had not encountered any inconvenience since he got the card. In fact, he was happy with the promos and the free food he got with his card.


The former cardholder

Princess.pngIn her credit card reviews, 24-year-old chat specialist Princess Cacho talked about two credit cards she used to have: a BPI Blue MasterCard she held for two years and a Citibank Rewards Card that was with her for just a few months. She revealed in her credit card reviews that the BPI card was pre-approved (like what happened with Jenny and her BDO card), while the Citibank card was from persistent salespersons. She preferred the BPI card and its low-interest rate and points system over the Citibank card and its zero annual fees. But she ultimately decided to get rid of the cards because she was not fully informed about the fees.

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