Every bank in the Philippines has a classic or standard credit card, which require low annual income or offer low finance charges — good for entry-level users. In other words, these entry-level  credit cards for newbies are a good way to enter the world of credit cards.

1. BDO’s Credit Cards for Newbies: Standard MasterCard and Visa Credit Card Classic

One of BDO’s credit cards for first-timers earns 1 point per ₱50. Points are redeemable for gadgets, luggage, and Philippine Airlines perks. Installment options are available for up to 36 months, for at least ₱3,000 of purchase (except supermarkets, gasoline stations, and drugstores).

BDO also offers Visa Credit Card Classic, which is better for use abroad because it has more partner merchants.

  •   Interest rate: 3.5%
  •   Annual fee: ₱1,500
  •   Unique features: More secure online shopping with Virtual Card, which is designed exclusively for Internet use. It uses a different account number and allows the setting of a credit limit.

2. Metrobank Classic Card

Also available in Visa credit card and Mastercard, this credit card for starters gives you 1 point per ₱20, which can be redeemed for items, miles, donations, or fee waivers. Instalment payment options for purchases are available, but up to 24 months with low interest rate.

  •   Interest rate: 3.54%
  •   Annual fee: ₱1,500
  •   Unique features: Chip-embedded for an extra layer of protection against fraud. Allows withdrawing of instant cash. Bonus: the card design is also customisable.  

3. BPI Blue MasterCard

One of the more common credit cards for beginners, this card offers 1 point per 35 pesos spent. Allows cash advance of up to 30% of your credit limit, which can be withdrawn from Maestro/Cirrus ATMs worldwide.  Also offers Special Instalment Plans for school and hospitals with low interest rate.

  •   Interest rate: 3.40%
  •   Annual fee: ₱1,550
  •   Unique features: Includes ₱2 million free travel insurance.

4. LandBank Visa Credit Card Classic Local

Besides classic local, this Visa credit card for starters is available in Classic International. The only difference is the rates and the dollar currency. It also offers installment payment options and cash advance of up to 30% of the credit limit with a low-interest rate.

  •   Interest rate: 3.25%
  •   Annual fee: ₱850
  •   Unique features: Medical insurance against accidental death or dismemberment, and travel accident insurance if travel ticket is fully paid via the card. 

5. PNB Essentials MasterCard

This is one of Philippine National Bank’s credit cards for beginners, besides the PNB Visa Credit Cards. Both cards have the same low interest rate and unique features, but the MasterCard lets you earn Mabuhay Miles and cash credit rewards. One point is earned per ₱50.

  •   Interest rate: 3.25%
  •   Annual fee: ₱1,200
  •   Unique features: Free travel insurance up to one million pesos when the whole fare is billed against the card. Has free 90-day Purchase Protection Insurance against accidental damage or theft. 

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