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10 Cheap Cars in the Philippines

Owning a car is easier than ever, now that a lot of car makers are creating budget models specially made for the financially conscious. And the notion that the cheaper models are of lower quality can easily be squashed, as a number of these supposedly cheap cars can give more bang for the buck than a lot of their more expensive counterparts. In this list, we are counting down the top 10 most affordable car deals, from #10 to #1.

We note that a lot of these vehicles are hatchbacks, perhaps because such a compact model allows for low-cost manufacturing, but there are also minivans and even a pickup truck that actually cost less than some sedans and hatchbacks. Also, the prices stated here are for cars for sale as of November 2016, the latest figure available.

Honda Brio


We start off this cheap cars list with Honda, a Japanese brand more known for cars that can be a little more expensive than their compatriots. However, even this car maker can’t resist the market for hatchbacks. This car drives 13 kilometers on just a liter of gas via its 100-horsepower engine. Expect to shell out just around P609,000 for the manual version of this vehicle.

Kia Picanto 1.0 EX


Next on our list is one of the cheap cars from South Korean automaker, Kia. The company’s most affordable vehicle, the Kia Picanto, only costs P575,000, but offers a 69-horsepower engine suitable for city driving and also if you want to speed it up a little at the expressway. In South Korea, the vehicle is known as the Kia Morning.

Chevrolet Spark


Even US brand Chevrolet is engaged in this cheap cars wars via the Spark, an entry-level subcompact hatchback that boasts a 66-horsepower engine. This four-seater vehicle, whose design can trick the beholder into thinking that it is a two-seater, can be bought starting at just P548,000 for the manual version. Not bad for a US brand more known for its million-peso pickups instead of cheap cars.

Mitsubishi Mirage GLX


Another Japanese brand offering its entry-level city driving car is Mitsubishi, with its Mirage GLX hatchback (surprise, surprise) worth P533,000. But for a car this small, it can outrace other cheap cars, specifically via its 77-horsepower engine. The Mirage brand has been around since 1978 but was stopped in 2003. Fortunately, the brand was revived in 2012, just in time for the rise in popularity of hatchbacks.

Chery QQ3


Chery is well known in the Philippines as a Chinese producer of cheap cars. In fact, the car maker has at least three vehicles worth less than P500,000 right now. One characteristic shared by Chinese cars on this list (foreshadowing: there are three of them as if you were surprised) is the amount of criticism received over being alleged design copycats of other more established car makers. In the Chery’s case, the company has been sued over claims that the WW3 looks like a Chevrolet Spark. But at P499,000, budget-conscious car buyers won’t complain much, as long as their cheap cars perform well. This particular Chery boasts an 85-horsepower engine that can top 155 kph.

Lifan 520 1.3 DX


There are so many cheap cars to choose from, that about half of the cars on our list is less than P500,000. This P498,000 sedan is the first car produced by Chinese manufacturer Lifan in 2005. The latest version, launched in 2011, is a manual-transmission, five-seater car that tops 155 kph. Critics accused Lifan of copying the design of the Citroen Elysee, but the manufacturer insisted that the 520 is original.

Toyota Wigo 1.0 E


It’s not only Chinese brands that are into the budget vehicle category. Japanese giant Toyota also has its hands in the cheap cars market with the Wigo, a P473,000 hatchback that seems to be a common choice of Uber drivers this side of the globe. The vehicle, a three-cylinder, fine-speed manual hatchback, is actually made in Indonesia via Toyota’s tie-up with Daihatsu as part of the country’s program for designing low-cost cars. And you thought those weird instant noodles is the only thing Indonesia exports to us.

Geely LC GB


Also competing in the crowded Chinese cheap cars market is auto maker Geely with the LC, a P449,000 hatchback that critics say is a copy of the Toyota Aygo. Which shouldn’t be confused with the Wigo, but at this point, aren’t a lot of hatchbacks each other’s lookalikes? Although Geely claims that this car looks like a panda. Maybe judge for yourself in the pic above.

Hyundai Eon GL


You may have seen the P438,000 Hyundai Eon hatchback from the Uber ride you just took. (If it’s not the Wigo. Usually, it’s one of these cheap cars.) Anyway, This city car can reach up to 140 kph on a 54-horsepower engine. Introduced in India in 2011 before reaching our shores in 2012, this hatchback from the South Korean car maker can be considered the cheapest vehicle that a car sales agent can offer you. Well, except for…

Suzuki Alto 800



Who thought that the cheapest of the cheap cars in the Philippines is from a Japanese car maker? At P398,000 (P438,000 for the deluxe version), the Alto 800 from Suzuki undercuts the (mainly Chinese) competition for as much as P50,000. This hatchback’s performance is not too shabby as well, with top speeds of 145 kph via a three-cylinder engine.

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