For the frequent flyer, earning airmiles is a piece of cake. But choosing a credit card that offers frequent flyer programs will allow you to enjoy not just seat upgrades but also earn flights for free!

With the right airmiles credit card, you can be cash poor and still enjoy travelling because you’re rich in airmiles. A mileage calculator will help you estimate how much airmiles you can earn whenever you travel and how much you can get out of it using your travel credit cards.

There is no such thing as a perfect credit card for travel. Each one offers different benefits for different clients. So it is with choosing the right kind of travel credit card. Going for the right air mile rewards credit card would depend on the kind of traveler that you are.

If you’re a frequent flyer and you wish to earn airmiles and get flights for free, then you should grab the frequent flyer programs that credit card companies offer to its clients through various credit cards. To help you make the right choice, we picked out the top three credit cards with the highest air miles rewards for frequent flyer like you.



HSBC Platinum

Our top choice for the highest airmiles rewarding credit card is the Platinum Visa card from HSBC. This credit card allows you to earn a maximum of 12,600 miles every year and enjoy plenty of rewards and perks. You can earn points that you can convert to miles when you spend a minimum of ₱20 for one (1) bonus points. You also get 3x more points when you shop and dine locally and use your Platinum card for paying. Overseas purchases when you travel are also provided with 4x more bonus points.

What we love about it: The best thing about the HSBC Platinum card aside from its high airmiles is that it offers a travel insurance worth ₱20,000,000. It’s an amount that isn’t offered by most insurance plans. More than that, you also get a cash advance feature worth 30% of the available credit limit.

What you may not like about it: Compared to our two choices, the HSBC Platinum card has the highest balance transfer rate at 1.79% per month.

Citibank Premier Miles Signature

Next, to the HSBC Platinum, the Premier Miles Signature credit card of Citibank is another good option for frequent flyers. It offers a maximum of 9,990 miles per year and lets you earn one (1) air mile for every spend worth ₱30. More than that, Citibank offers a no-expiry reward point with this card so you can earn as many points as you want and redeem them as airmiles whenever needed. You also get the chance to get free accommodations from over 8,000 hotels or get flights for free from over 60 airlines.

What we love about it: Aside from its generous frequent flyer programs, the Citibank Premier Miles Signature card provides a 24/7 concierge service to its clients, a travel insurance worth ₱5,000,000, and a credit limit of up to 30% for a cash advance. More than that, you also get airport lounge access.

What you may not like about it: Compared to HSBC Platinum, the travel insurance offering of the Premier Miles Signature seems to be a fraction of 20 mil. It has a balance transfer of 1.67% per month but it’s a rate smaller than the Platinum. Also, the smaller miles earning per year may not be for you if you often travel.

BDO Cathay Pacific Elite

Last on the list is the BDO Cathay Pacific Elite airmiles credit card. This card allows you to get a maximum of 9,090 airmiles annually. Rewards include one (1) Asia Mile or point earned every time you spend ₱38 on local purchases.

What we love about it: The BDO Cathay Pacific Elite card allows you to earn as much as two (2) Asia Miles for minimum spends. More than that, this credit card provides you with a ₱15,000,000 travel insurance, which is higher compared to Citibank’s offer. It also has a lower interest rate at three (3) percent per month and the lowest balance transfer rate of 1.08 percent per month compared to HSBC Platinum and Citibank Premier. But it does have the same cash advance limit of 30 percent.

What you may not love about it: The BDO Cathay Pacific Elite has lower airmile earnings and it requires higher minimum spends compared to the Platinum and Premier credit cards of HSBC and Citibank. Nevertheless, the 3,000 Bonus Points on your very first purchase earns you much air miles that is not offered by the two other credit cards.

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