Top 3 Wearables You Should Own

Top 3 Wearables You Should Own

From a vintage watch that just tells time to a smartwatch that even motivates you to exercise or improve your sports and fitness regimes, the next generation of wearables continue to develop.

With so many wearables available in the market today, choosing a smartwatch can be overwhelming. The right one should be based on your individual needs; whether it’s step counting, or fitness tracking there’s one for everyone.

GoBear narrowed down across various categories to pick out the top three wearables for 2017. Read on to find out the best wearables.

Fitbit Alta HR


Fitbit’s newest tracker – the Fitbit Alta HR is the best one they have yet. It’s similar to Alta but it has an optical heart rate-tracking feature built into the underside, so it records your heart rate throughout the day.

This Fitbit is best for sleep tracking. With its sleek design, its strong points help you with your sleep, heart health and general wellbeing.

What does it do? It tracks your steps, the distance you travelled, the calories you burned, and your sleep. It also shows notifications and incoming calls from your smartphone. Another great feature is the long battery life that lasts for seven days.

Moov Now


If you want a cheap everyday tracker that will get you in shape, Moov Now offers everything you want in an everyday tracker – it comes with boxing and rep-based training, as well as a swimming mode and to top it off, a run coaching and sleep monitoring features.

It’s small, round element without the screen. It excels in advance sports and training plans, with actionable running, swimming, cycling data to help you become better at your sports.

Though Moov Now doesn’t offer any other complex fitness tracking features, it has a phenomenal long battery life of six months and it’s waterproof. Perfect for people who just want a simple tracker that doesn’t break the bank.

Misfit Ray


When style is everything – a stylish and sleek Misfit Ray can help you upscale your look. It offers something a little more discreet compared to other trackers.

Why we love it? It offers steps and sleep tracking, as well as message and call alerts from a paired smartphone.

If you want to add swim tricking, it will cost you about P500 pesos in-app purchase. The Ray also count your steps, the distance you walked as well as estimate the calories you burned through a 3-axis accelerometer.

While there’s no heartrate nor GPS tracker, it also tracks activities such as cycling, yoga and dancing.

While there’s no wearable yet that features everything, there’s certainly something for everyone. Whether it’s for sports, losing weight, or your general health – you can depend on a wearable no matter what you read.