It’s all in the cards: Top credit cards this quarter in 2017

It’s all in the cards: Top credit cards this quarter in 2017

Credit cards can be like fire – a good servant with the right care and direction but a harmful master if you let it rule your life.  So with the right research, questions and practice, you can look forward to picking the card that is best suited to your spending needs.  

To help you stay afloat in the maze of choices, here is a lowdown on the most sought after cards in the region for Q1 2017 that give that little extra for every dollar and allow for #comparisonmadeeasy. Whether you are looking for air miles to make your next destination a stronger possibility or shaving off retail savings when you shop across the globe, we’ll have you covered on all grounds …

Philippines’ card holders are all about rewards

An interesting observation shows that the top two credit cards used in the Philippines this first quarter came from Citibank.

Filipino consumers are more responsive to signing up with more established and popular players with Citi being one of the biggest operators in the market. It also shows how consumers respond well to the rates that are being offered by Citibank.

The popularity of top-ranking credit cards such as Citibank Citi Cash Back VISA, EastWest Everyday Titanium Mastercard and RCBC Diamond Card Platinum Mastercard show that Philippine consumers are taking rewards seriously and identify with it. Card holders are determined to maximise what they can get while still spending whether it’s for shopping for groceries or for booking domestic or international flights.

Gaining additional benefits with a credit card is something that is also consistent among all the top five credit cards. Both the Citibank Citi Cash Back VISA and Citibank Citi Premiere Miles VISA cards offer retail rebates and shopping and dining privileges when used and holders of EastWest credit cards receive additional reward points when they shop at partner establishments.


EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium

Citibank Rewards Platinum

PNB Essentials

AUB Gold

RCBC Classic MasterCard

Visit today to find out which of these five credit cards would work for your budget or your lifestyle. Plus get to compare from dozens of other credits, each with their own features and benefits.