ways to stop being broke

6 Ways to Stop Being Broke Right Now

Have you ever checked your bank account only to find out that it’s empty? Have you ever experienced struggling the week before payday? While it seems easy to stretch your remaining cash for the week—thanks to jollijeep’s budget meals—it can be tough to bounce back from the cycle of being broke.

We at GoBear hear your sentiments, and we’re here to help you put an end to your dilemma. Anyway, tomorrow is our 120th Independence Day, so it’s a little timely for us to show you tricks on how you can achieve financial freedom in no time.

Stop spending money on things you can’t afford

Remember Lisette Calveiro—the Instagram star who moved to New York with $10,000 debt on her shoulders? According to the New York Post, 26-year-old Calveiro struggled financially trying “to live an Instagram-worthy life.” Clearly, the social media influencer kept on spending beyond her means to make sure she looks Instagram-perfect for her 35,000 followers.

There’s no need for you to spend beyond your means to impress people with today’s “It” handbag or sneakers. Instead of heading to the mall as soon as you get your paycheck, why not deposit it in your savings account for future use? 

Use your credit card wisely

That little plastic can drown you in debt, so you may want to think it over before having it swiped at the cashier for your next purchase. We’ve been repeating how convenient credit cards are, and how they can also ruin your credit history once you start missing payments.

Being armed with a credit card makes you vulnerable to overspending and impulse buying. Don’t be a victim of a growing credit card debt by keeping your card (or cards) in your wallet. Pay with cash so you know how can monitor and control your expenses.

Assess your expensive habits

Smoking and buying that Venti cup of iced latte every day are two of the most expensive habits some of you may be guilty of. Don’t get us wrong, but smoking can lead to expensive medical bills, so you can always choose quitting it.

By reducing the number of cigarettes you puff every day and by making your own coffee, there’s a big chance for you to save on huge bucks.

Sell items you don’t need 

Got any stuff you don’t need? Put them to good use by selling them online! 

Gather all the items you no longer need or want and advertise them on OLX. This way, you can earn a few extra cash while de-cluttering your home as well. 

Get a part-time job 

Unleash your special skills to earn additional income. Whether it’s painting on canvas bags or being adept in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can definitely use your artistic side to make some extra cash on the side. 

You can try selling hand-painted bags or designs for event invites to grow your savings.

Compare car insurance quotes via GoBear

Car insurance premiums can eat up a huge portion of your budget, but it doesn’t have to. While the Land Transportation Office-required Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) is cheap, it does have limitations when it comes to protecting your car against Acts of Nature (flood, earthquake, etc.), fire, and theft. 

Consider comparing comprehensive car insurance quotes at GoBear for thorough protection and to see which car insurance plan is perfect for you.

Cheers to financial freedom!