5 Must-Have Travel Apps this Summer

5 Must-Have Travel Apps this Summer

Bes ang init. Summer na. You now have all the opportunity to color your drawings and experience a summer getaway with your squad goals! Vacations over summer can be a great, relaxing escape way from your thesis or work, but hanggang plano na lang ba bes? GoBear put together 5 useful travel apps that will help you on your upcoming trip. From planning, organizing, and up to the ‘implementation’ stage, matutupad na ang drawing n’yo bes!

1. Waze



If you’re not good with directions, Waze would definitely become your travel buddy! Through this navigation app, you will never get lost wherever you’re going.

Why GoBear loves it:

·  Waze will save you a lot of time as it recommends and navigates you through roads that have no traffic, which is convenient if you’re traveling by car.

·  It gives you to places on time, whether you’re traveling by foot or by a vehicle, Waze tells you the minute or hours when you will get there with all the traffic and delays included.

·  Waze not only gives you options on how to get to a place, but it also tells you the best times to travel if that is an option. An hour to get to your travel destination at 7 AM can be a 30-minute travel at 6 AM or 8 PM.


2. PackPoint 


Do you often forget your things? Now you don’t have to worry about leaving things with PackPoint! With this travel app, you will never leave behind your travel essentials ever again.

Why GoBear loves it:

· PackPoint has a cute user interface that is easy to use and understand.

·  It also builds a packing list that is based on your length of travel, weather in your destination, and activities on your trip. You are free to edit the suggested list once PackPoint has built it for you.

·  It includes the list of things that you need to pack.

3. The Culture Trip



Traveling to an unfamiliar country? Then this little app helps you discover the intriguing and unusual from the area you are in or want to visit. If you’re not sure where to go or what to do during your visit, let the culture trip help you!

Why GoBear Love it:

·  With The Culture Trip, you can discover all sorts of destination by using the explore button which lets you dive into your favorite locations and interests including a new destination.

·  The Culture Trip has a unique and informative perspective curated and written by locals.

·  It has an interface that is incredibly simple and easy to use. This app guides you to restaurants, attractions, and theaters.

4. Google Translate


There are countries that don’t generally speak English. Having a language guide on hand can help you figure out and understand what is written on the signs. Pretty handy right?

Why GoBear loves it:

·  You can download languages into your phone so you can use it offline especially when you don’t have an access to an internet to the connection from a specific country.

·  Google Translate helps you instantly translate signs and boards by just using your camera.

·  It has a two-way automatic speech translation in over 40 languages.

5. WeChat


WeChat is a messaging, voice, and video call app used by millions of people. It’s a great up that lets you connect with people easily. If you’re traveling alone, then WeChat is a great way to make friends during your travel!

Why GoBear Love it:

·  WeChat has “People Near Me”, “Friend Radar” and “Shake” features that allow you to send a message request to any people near you and add friends in your vicinity who’s using the same application.

·  It also has a real-time location that helps you easily share your location to other people whom you’re meeting during your travel.

·  It has a language support localized in 20 different languages which can translate messages to any language. Chatting with a Thai? No problem!

What’s cool is that these applications are available on Android and IOS, so you will not have any problem with downloading the application. With these travel apps, you can blend in with the locals and travel at ease knowing that you have guides and a reminder in just a simple tap!