5 Bad Habits Frequent Travelers Should Avoid

5 Bad Habits Frequent Travelers Should Avoid

Traveling regularly doesn’t mean you already know the best practices when dealing with airlines, hotels, your bank and even your telco provider. Conventional wisdom on holiday trips may not always be the right option since travel trends change from time to time. Here are a few bad habits to break that will make your next vacation more fun and worthwhile.

  • Keeping it too cheap
    Oh yes, it means a lot to save a few hundred pesos on Piso fares and accommodation bookings. But you cannot afford to pay more for luggage and other inclusions for the trip. Break this bad habit by booking the tour you can afford without sacrificing your comfort. Cheap flights are rewarding but never compromise your needs to make the journey more worthwhile.
  • Sticking to what's familiar
    Traveling is all about exploring things you’ve never experienced before. Therefore, travel makes someone a lot smarter and happier. If you stick to something familiar, then you are just closing other opportunities of learning and experiencing something new. Break this habit by trying out new experiences every day. For example, don’t settle for your usual tapsilog breakfast. Check out the best foods offered in your destination and make a memory out of it.
  • Spending so much time taking pictures 
    Instagramming when traveling is a great way to document your experience; however, taking too many pictures will defeat your purpose to savor what your destination can offer. Break this by setting up your cameras for burst photos. Put it back in your bag and spend the time to enjoy your food. Meet people. Talk to them. Acquaintances beyond images make your trips more meaningful.
  • Overloading your travel schedule 
    Sometimes, you get too occupied with your desire to see more, that you fail to spend enough time for each of your stops. There is something to treasure in every destination. Break it by making things unfold naturally. Don’t rush. Sometimes, pictures are not enough to say you really enjoyed the trip. Get awed by amazing landscapes, architectures, greeneries, wildlife and traditions by spending a little more time on every stop.
  • Not buying travel insurance 
    Your last five trips may have been safe, but that doesn’t mean the next ones will be the same. Accidents happen anytime and “bahala na si batman” doesn’t work anymore when terrorism threats of delayed flights haunt your dream vacation. Break this bad habit by checking travel insurance offers with GoBear and buying the plan that suits your trip.

Bad habits are certainly hard to break but if you want to redefine your next journey, then now is the time to change course. Fly with confidence without forfeiting your safety. Travel with insurance and make sure you leave and fly back home with peace of mind.