What is Backpackers Travel Insurance?

Backpackers travel all over the world, and rather than being simply budget-conscious, many backpackers often spend quite a fair bit of money in order to achieve their goals when on their journeys. Many of them are adventurous globetrotters, even.

Backpackers travel insurance refers to a specialised insurance policy that’s tailored to fit the needs of backpackers. These days, backpacker travel is no longer a niche or unusual phenomenon; far from it. It may not be common parlance, but it’s common practice nowadays, especially for those who want to cover a lot of ground in the shortest possible time.

Why Get Backpackers Travel Insurance?

Not many Malaysian insurers actually call their plans ‘backpackers travel insurance’ or similar, but given that most backpackers want to travel to more off-beat places and locations, travel insurance that covers extreme sports and emergency medical repatriation is obviously geared towards them. Below are some of the benefits that make backpackers travel insurance a boon for the adventurous traveller.

  • Personal accident coverage
    Getting medical assistance abroad should be as hassle-free as possible, and with a travel insurance plan, it is. Medical and hospitalisation expenses should be the least of your worries when travelling. In fact, most insurance plans also cover emergency transportation and repatriation on top of medical expenses.

  • Gear protection
    For outdoor and sports enthusiasts that plan to bring their gear along, they can rest easy knowing that their equipment is covered in the event that they get lost or damaged during the trip. This is especially useful if you plan to bring anything fragile for your trip, like sports gear or even laptops.

  • Extreme sports coverage
    Depending on the travel insurance provider, the activities covered by this benefit may be referred to as higher-risk physical activities or dangerous activities. Terms and conditions may also be specific to the provider, but most of them cover activities like scuba diving, surfing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, and even camping and hiking.

  • Personal liability coverage
    This is useful if you have a companion and he or she is injured while engaged in a high-risk activity. If you inadvertently injure someone or damage their property, there is a possibility that you’ll be sued, and this benefit covers you from paying exorbitant amounts in hospitalisation fees or damages.

Before you go on your next adventure, ensure that you have all the necessary coverage for your trip. Compare travel insurance plans with GoBear today!