Travel Insurance Types

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You've booked a plane ticket and readied the itinerary, but something's missing. You decided to buy a travel insurance plan, just in case your luggage decides to take a detour, or your coffee spills on someone's expensive camera, or you have to cancel your RM4,000 round-trip ticket and RM2,000 hotel reservation for 5 days because you got sick just before the trip. A lot of things can happen unexpectedly; prepare for them by getting travel insurance coverage. First things first: What are the travel insurance types?


The travel insurance type you need will depend on several factors, including your destination, how many companions you have, and how long you’ll be travelling. Knowing these details beforehand is beneficial because this will help you choose the travel insurance type that you need — while saving time, money, and effort in the process.


Often, the hardest part of buying travel insurance is determining what type you need at a certain time. Apart from knowing what you need, you also need to be familiar with the different travel insurance types and what each can do for you. Do you really need a comprehensive travel insurance package or do you just need a few specific types of coverage? Once you have an answer to this question, you can now start choosing the travel insurance type for your next trip.


The next time you decide on a vacation or before going on your next business trip, consider your travel insurance options so you have coverage for emergencies and other travel inconveniences. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when travelling to an unfamiliar location with unfamiliar people and unfamiliar policies.


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